ToPointBlocks 1.0

Destroy, Place, Replace, Count, Modify with a lot of modes blocks around the one you are pointing to

  1. Sitieno14
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Languages Supported:
    User-side messages can be modified in the in-file options
    magnifying_glass.png ToPointBlocks is an utility for editing blocks you are pointing to (looking at) and in their area with a few features like WorldEdit + different features.

    Commands - Default Permission - Feature:
    /tpb reload - (You can see it in /tpb only if you have the permission specified options / by default topointblocks.reload)

    /tpb help
    tpb help 1.PNG
    tpb help 2.png
    /destroy <area> - Destroy all blocks in radius <area>
    /place <block> [<area>] - Place <block> in radius <area>
    /replace <what block> <in what block> <area> - Replace all <what block> with <in what block> in radius <area>

    /grief <area> - "Grief" in radius <area>
    /removegrief <area> - Remove all netherrack, lava, tnt in radius <area>
    Grief - RemoveGrief.gif

    /removelava <area> - Destroy all lava blocks in radius <area>
    /removewater <area> - Destroy all water blocks in radius <area>

    /fixlava <area> - Make lava stationary in radius <area>
    /fixwater <area> - Make water stationary in radius <area>
    FixWater (2).gif

    /whatblockisthat - Send you the block name you are pointing to

    /teleportto - Teleport into the block you are pointing to
    /teleportabove - Teleport 1 block above the block you are pointing to

    /count <area> [<item>] - Count [<item>] in radius <area>

    /setdangerous <area> - Set not air blocks in radius <area> to dangerous
    #All about this fully customizable as other things in the in-file options
    /removedangerous <area> - Remove blocks in radius <area> from being dangerous

    Dependencies (1.8.x) [Included in the .zip archive]:
    Dependencies (

    Skript License:
    • This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
    Telegram: @Sitieno14_bot (act like it's a contact, isn't really a bot)
    Please if you find a bug or wanna suggest a feature contact me on telegram reporting/talking about it and I will fix or add new features with a new version release.

    Server that use this plugin:
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Recent Reviews

  1. SkriptReviewer
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome, can be an addon for WorldEdit or substitute it for certain things, well code, doesn't really has bugs like previous one review, maybe LloydPlayzHD is just an envious :D,
    Have a nice day,
    Well done, GJ
    1. Sitieno14
      Author's Response
      like previous one review says?
      He is just an envious absolutely,
      I also tested it and didn't notify one bug,
      I also DM him and he didn't help me fixing what he was talking about...
      Thanks a lot for your review.

      Have a nice day,
  2. LloydPlayzHD
    Version: 1.0
    Extremely buggy on the newer versions of the game; and on the OG versions 1.7 - 1.8; + DM me if you want me to help you fix this
    Don't recommend; Anyone could fix this with some common sense of scripts.
    1. Sitieno14
      Author's Response
      Hi LloydPlayzHD,
      Thanks for your review,
      It was tested only in 1.8 version as you can see in "Tested Minecraft Versions:", what do you mean for OG versions?
      Exactly, what's the bug on versions?
      I'm going to DM you, thanks for offering your help,