Totem Lore - Items | Add functionality to rare items! 0.13

Adds special functionality to some of the rare items in Minecraft increasing their usability.

  1. iWalker
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    • 1.16

    Totem Lore - Items, adds improved functionality to some of the rares items in Minecraft making them even more sought after. The features added will improve late-game combat, farming and building in adventure survival servers or could work as a nice addition to PvP combat.

    This plugin is a part of the Totem Lore package, working to give Minecraft more lore and depth.

    VERSION 0.12 (Farming Update) (under development) - Feature List

    Disc of Far

    By right-clicking empty farmland you decipher the readings on the disc. Every empty farmland that is connected to that block now grows wheat on it, but the disc heats up and you take a random amount of damage.

    VERSION 0.1 (Combat Update) - Feature List

    Totem of Undying
    Totem of Undying now lets the player leap up in the air and disable gravity, once used again gravity will be re-enabled. This can be used to traverse ravines or fly high up into the skies, but be careful; landing without taking damage is difficult and if you land too hard the totem will be used to revive you, removing it from the player.

    Interacting with the witherskull will unleash the dark energy within it, temporarily blinding and slowing all nearby players. The witherskull's energy is so strong that it will also instantly reduce the health of all players affected down to 1 hearth. However, there is a cost. You will also be affected and the witherskull will cease to exist.

    Disc of Mellohi
    By interacting with the disc, you decipher the ancient enscriptions on the disc. You and the player closest to you within 50 blocks will swap health bars, however there is a chance of this instantly killing you.

    Channeling the inner energy of the netherstar, you teleport to a random location within 3 blocks of you gaining invisibility for 5 ticks. Great for dodging projectiles when approaching an enemy.

    Totem of Undying - tlitems.totem
    Witherskull - tlitems.witherskull
    Disc of Mellohi - tlitems.mellohi
    Netherstar - tlitems.netherstar
    Disc of Far - tlitems.far

    The plugin is currently very early in development and there will be rapid updates. Right now the combat update is out featuring some combat-related items-functionality. However I plan to add functionality that benefin all aspects of the game. All discs will have their own unique functionality and some other rare items will get functionality aswell. I plan to add a config file aswell giving you the possibility to tweak and disable some of the features of the plugin. World Guard integration is also in the works, which will allow you to disable some of the features in certain regions..

    Feel free to come with suggestions!