TougherMobs 2.2.2

CUSTOM BOSS SUPPORT! Mobs become stronger and have a new variety of skills! Be careful...

  1. Hotfix

    + Removed bug where it would broadcast current world upon hitting an entity with an arrow
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  2. Quick fix

    - 3% Chance for Custom Bosses to spawn (Currently Non-Configurable)
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  3. Custom Boss Addition and Bug Fixes!

    Added Custom Bosses (Per supported worlds)
    /createboss setname <boss name> //Sets the bosses name

    /createboss setdamage <boss name> <damage amt> //Sets the bosses damage

    /createboss sethealth <boss name> <health> //Sets the health

    /createboss settype <boss name> <entity type> //Sets the entity type *Supported entity types can be found in the "Supported Mob Types.txt" file*

    /createboss setdrop <boss name> //Takes the item in your hand and sets it as a boss drop

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  4. Multi-World Support & Bug Fixes

    Fixed a bug that occurred when a player shot an arrow at an entity.

    Added in multi-world support! Check the config file and add/remove the worlds you want this plugin to work on!
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  5. Hotfix

    + Fixed custom moves
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  6. Improvements, Additions and Changes

    + Rewrote all code and cleaned it up a lot to make it flow bettter
    + Added bosses (Extremely tough, give a lot of xp on death. 10x by default)
    + Made some changes to custom mob attacks, will be more in the near future.
    + Options to disable armor/weapon spawning on mobs.
    + Choose which mobs you want scaled

    - Removed the setting of health/damage for mobs.
  7. Bosses addition

    + Added in a few boss mobs, they all have a 1 in 100 chance of spawning. By default they have 100 health and take a lot less damage and deal more! No custom loot from them yet.

    + Added in a loot bat (Disabled by default) Just a fun addition to the plugin, a loot bat is a rare bat that spawns (1% chance) and drops custom Bat armor that is enchanted Protection 5 diamond armor. This is not going to be the final loot, just more so a proof of concept.

    This is not an official release of...
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  8. Hotfix

    + Fixed bug where it would send a console error if non-op players used /tmreset
    + Fixed witch damage event where if a witch threw a potion it would not properly scale to the player
    + Added in plugin metrics for statistics
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  9. All mob support added, bug fixes and more!

    Added in mob support for:
    - Blaze
    - Elder Guardian
    - Guardian
    - Endermite
    - Ghast
    - Magma Cube
    - Pig Zombies
    - Polar Bear
    - Shulker
    - Silverfish
    - Slime
    - Witch

    **Note: You will receive 1/2 the damage from guardians when blocking with a shield!

    Mobs will now scale to:
    - Being hit by an arrow shot by a player
    - Potions being thrown at the mob (Checks for the nearest player)

    + Bug fixes
    + Re-written some code to run more efficient

    To do:
    - Add in custom attacks...
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  10. Hotfix

    Fixed lag with creeper explosions (Removed added particle effects)