Towerbuild to Babel 0.9.3

The Tower of Babel Bukkit Plugin

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    Towerbuild to Babel

    Build yourself up to the gods - Towerbuild to Babel Plugin allows you to experience minecraft new. You fight against another team and the goal is to reach the platform with a sand tower faster than your opponent. But be careful! There are different classes that want to prevent that.
    Development Files - Change Log - Permissions - Video

    • Scoreboard with the classes and the tower height
    • Config file to manage the different coordinates
    • Playing in 2 different teams
    • 3 different classes:
      • Mercenary - The Warrior with a Bow and a Sword has to protect the own base and the players of the own team.
      • Saboteur - The Destroyer has to attack the tower of the opposite team.
      • Builder - The Tower Builder has to collect sand and build a sand tower to the platform.
    • Signs to join the event or to switch the classes
    • Multiple Worlds compatible
    • Plugin Metrics
    • Auto Updater Info Message
    Planned Features:
    • Map resetting
    • Prizes after the Game
    • Multiple Maps
    • Download the official Towerbuild to Babel map here: Map
    • You need 10 Players or more (5 in each team)
    Extract the into the directory plugins and edit the config.yml if you use not the same map as linked in Requirements.
    • /startgame - Allows you to split the joined players into 2 teams and start the event.
    • /endgame - Allows you to end the event and spawn all players in the lobby.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Elguerrero
    Version: 0.9.3
    Yo creo que la idea esta bien,puede ser un buen minijuego o modalidad para los servers pero el problema es que el plugin esta por mejorar,le faltan comandos,que vaya con la 1.8.8 con java 8 y mas cosas.
    Te doy 2 estrellas porque es buena la idea,y la empezaste,si la continuas y mejoras el plugin te dare mas estrellas.
    Porfavor mejoralo.