Townships Townships 3.2.5-b070

Create towns that require buildings. Make your buildings do cool stuff!

  1. Multitallented
    Phoenix_Frenzy, Sevaron, Chivers1234, Kiak, monkeyma7
    This is the renamed and improved version of HeroStronghold.

    I'm working on documentation here:

    Townships allows players to build towns that require houses, farms, defenses, or whatever you want. Players can build structures that can do just about anything. Townships is highly configurable with many optional features. If you can imagine it, then you can make a building that can do it.


    * Unzip in your plugins folder.
    * Restart your server
    If you need more information on config files, check out the Townships Wiki.

    Note on Performance:
    This plugin runs very quickly, but has some features that can cause lag on servers exceeding 100 players. All of those features can be disabled. EffectWarehouse.jar is the first one to disable. EffectConveyor.jar is the next one with the most lag potential. Finally, if you're still having issues, you can disable player in region checks in config.yml. Those checks are used for a number of effects like arrow turrets and animal farms (anything that requires you stand somewhere). This plugin has been tested with 40 players and 1500 regions and runs fine with all features.

    * Create any number of unique towns with their own building requirements and perks.
    * Includes a menu for buying blueprints or constructing new buildings
    * Town chat and prefixes
    * Manage player membership per building
    * Manage player ownership, permissions, and taxes in town
    * Towns can have population limits determined by housing
    * Towns can require money daily.
    * Towns can require power which can be depleted through killing in war.
    * Town power can be depleted with TNT
    * Town power can be depleted with automatic TNT teleporters
    * Towns can be raided with random destination teleporters
    * Players can create teleporters
    * Players can create any farms, factories, or shops
    * Buildings can create and consume custom items
    * Buildings can evolve into other buildings after a set number of uses
    * Buildings can be remade into other buildings
    * Towns can impose potion effects at random on members if the town is missing structures
    * Arrowturrets can shoot arrows at non-member players automatically
    * Artillery can shoot tnt using a remote controller to hit precise targets
    * Proximity landmines can detonate on non-member players
    * Buildings can be disabled if abandoned for a set time
    * Buildings can move items by minecart automatically to other buildings
    * Warehouses can move items to buildings as needed automatically
    * Buildings can spawn animals
    * Buildings can be limited to specific biomes
    * Towns can limit which buildings you can build based on what buildings you have already built
    * I'm sure I'm forgetting a few

    * townships.create.all lets you create any township
    * townships.create.<type> lets you create a township of that type
    * townships.admin lets you bypass townships ownership checks
    * townships.join lets a player join a super-region
    * townships.unlock lets a player unlock blueprints in the blueprint shop
    *<group> gives a player access to a group you specify in groups.yml

    Note: the premade configs will automatically assign permissions when you run the plugin for the first time.


    * /to menu
    * /to
    * A ton more that you can find in the Player's Guide.
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    Version: Townships 3.2.5-b070
  2. Hanshin-Network
    Version: Townships 3.2.5-b070
    Greate men Thank you
  3. Flamel
    Version: Townships 3.2.5-b070
    Its a bit late for a review, but I must say thanks to Multi for fixing a really important thing. The town destruction permission. It saved my old server from certain doom! Thanks.
  4. Flamel
    Version: Townships 3.2.3-b068
    My favorite plugin of all time. For me, the perfect solution for my casual RPG server. Buildings that require blocks, auto-production zones, defense system, etc, everything you ever need for an epic survival experience. The developer is also really friendly and responds every question that he can.

    A huge THANK YOU from The Royalty Only Community!
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    Version: Townships 3.2.3-b068
    Great Plugin! ive been looking for somehting like this and its amazing. I took some time to work with it but its full proof.
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    Version: Townships 3.2.2-b067
    The plugin is good, but a little confusing. A more in depth documentation would be helpful. Also, how do I add a building to a town?
    1. Multitallented
      Author's Response
      You can create a building by placing all of the required blocks for your building. Then stand in the center and press the create building button in your menu (or type /to create buildingname)
  7. ZombiMigz
    Version: Townships 3.1.2-b066
    I've been looking everywhere and I can't see, to find a full list of the permissions. Can you maybe help with this?
    1. Multitallented
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, and I've added a list of permissions for you.
  8. minee2342
    Version: Townships 3.1.2-b066
    i cant get it to load soooo but I got it working on my old server but not now so can u help?????????
    1. Multitallented
      Author's Response
      Sure. Are there any errors? What configs are you using? Message me
  9. LtCrazyman
    Version: 3.1.1-b065
    after looking for a replacement to the standard towny, gp plugins i came across this, off the bat i was impressed so decided to download and test it. instantly found a conflict with the donation system we use, contacted the developer and it was fixed within 24 hours, through the testing ive done its a great replacement for survival servers and has great potential for pvp servers. this is going to be a mainstay on my server. great plugin and will say anyone interested in something different, use this. currently running on if you wish to test. official opening for survival will be tomorrow
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    Great resource. I recommend this to other SMP'S and any faction server who wants more PvP action involved. This plugin basically makes everything more medieval I love it :)