TownyAnnouncer 1.1.1

A AutoMessage for Towny!

  1. AgentLV
    A small and simple Towny Addon, which allows mayors to create AutoMessages for their town.

    • All messages are configurable!
    • Automatic detecion (Town delete, Town rename, etc.)
    • You can customize almost everything!
    • Let players use color codes in their messages!
    • BungeeCord compatible (global messages)
    Code (Text):
    interval: 15 //in seconds
    log-to-console: false
    playerUseColorCodes: false //Shall mayors be able to use color codes in their messages?
    /tan help

    - townyannouncer.admin
    This permission gives someone the ability to enable, disable and remove the messages of others! It also allows to reload the plugin.

    Bungeecord support will be added (hopefully) soon!
    Features and bugs in the plugins thread or pm me!

Recent Updates

  1. Better checks
  2. Bungee update!
  3. Bug fixes