TownyAntiGrief 2.1.2

Provides more logging options for a towny server

  1. CaptainThrills
    TownyAntiGrief for 1.6.4 Servers.

    A new way to manage your towny server and log suspicious activity!
    Ever had issues with griefers ruining your towny server by bypassing the standard protections and never get logged? Towny Anti-Grief is your solution! Providing detailed logging to be broadcasted, sent to console, or logged to a customizable log!

    With townyantigrief you can log an Item ID and alert an admin, even cancel the event using the highly editable config file!

    TownyAntiGrief is built for 1.6.4 on Towny ( -, some features may not work for newer versions so keep me updated on any bugs that arise

    • Easily add and remove Item ID's to be logged / cancelled
    • Customize logging names
    • Customized block actions
    • Customizable messages supporting color output
    • Cancellation ability
    • Easy to define custom folder
    How to use:

    tag.recieve - Gives permission to recieve the broadcast message
    tag.command - Gives permission to use TAG commands
    tag.reload - Gives Permission to reload from the config files
    tag.ignore - Gives Permission to bypass the logging/protection
    Command Description Permission
    /tag reload Reloads your configuration tag.reload
    /tag set <args> Set various item config options tag.command
    Name Descriptions type
    name Sets the item name <string>
    block Block the action? <boolean>
    logname Choose log file name <string>