TownyMission: A Must Have Addition to Towny Servers v2.6.1

A peaceful, mission-based competition mechanism among Towny towns

  1. Barbadosian
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    Barbadosian(Developer) | Ahooooy(Developer)
    Languages Supported:
    Simplified Chinese

    TownyMission(TMS) is an powerful add-on to the good-old Towny plugin. TMS aims to resolve the lacking of a peaceful competition mechanism between Towny towns. It also helps improve town cohesion by allowing town members to collaborate on reward-gaining missions.

    Wiki: Home · Wiki · NatureCraft Dev / TownyMission · GitLab
    Issue Tracker: Issues · NatureCraft Dev / TownyMission · GitLab

    Dependencies: Vault, Towny(0.97+, optional only for non-main server under bungee mode), PlaceholderAPI(optional), MMOItems(optional), CMI/EssentialX(you need at least one), UltimateVotes(optional).

    Tested Platforms
    : Paper, Spigot, [Others might work, however they are not tested]

    Just like any other "mission" or "quests", missions are missions(duh) that can be completed by town members together. Any town members can start a town missions, which can then be completed within a specified time span by all town members.

    Although its peaceful, its still competition. By completing missions, towns will gain sprint points that are used to determine the prize after a sprint(a period of time). The sprint points are calculated in a fashion that compensate for member size difference between towns, to make sure the competition is fair.

    TMS' reward system is also designed with fairness and customizability in mind. Server admins can choose that rewards are equally distributed among town members, or calculated based on each member's average contribution to each completed missions.

    Well you might wonder, since Towny itself does not work bungee-wide, what is this for? I have learned that some Towny servers run nether/end on separate server in a bungee setup. By enabling Bungeecord mode, the plugin can collect statistics from those servers and count toward ongoing missions on the main Towny server.

    And More!

    I removed the config and commands section here because there is just not enough space to put any meaningful explanations. For commands, permissions, and placeholders, please visit wiki here


    TMS can hook into following plugins' API for its missions. The list will be growing, and if you wish to see more hooks implemented, please raise a ticket on GitLab.
    Money Mission:
    - CMI
    - EssentialX
    Resource Mission:
    - MMOItems
    Vote Mission:
    - UltimateVotes
    Mob Mission:
    - MythicMob

    Why not use Vault for MoneyMission? Because Vault is unable to provide the "source" of an income. Therefore, simply tracking for Vault events will allow players to transfer money between and "dupe" the missions to completion.

    - More external hooks
    - More mission types?
    - Simultaneous missions
    - Personal season advancements
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Recent Reviews

  1. ValenGamerXD
    Version: v2.2.9
    Really good plugin, the only thing i would like is different permissions for each command and feature, having only a player and admin perm is very limiting.
    1. Barbadosian
      Author's Response
      Thank you! That is indeed the next item on my todo list. So stay tuned for the future updates!
  2. LlmDl
    Version: v2.2.9
    This is a big deal for Towny servers that don't want to add a war plugin. (Heck, it might even compliment a war server too.) Developer updates and listens to feedback. I highly recommend this plugin.
    1. Barbadosian
      Author's Response
      I am very glad that I can add something good to the already vibrant Towny ecosystem. Thank you for making it possible!
  3. acrtic
    Version: v2.2.5
    This plugin IS THE BEST you can get everything about it is perfect. Havent found any bugs yet. 5/5 and 100% recomended.
    1. Barbadosian
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your kind words, I will keep on releasing more bug-free features XD.
  4. Karok
    Version: v2.2.5
    Stumbled upon this recently, it works well, yet to find a single flaw. I hope to see more from you soon!
    1. Barbadosian
      Author's Response
      More features are definitely on the way! You can stay tuned in Discord for announcements and dev builds :)
  5. benevolent2012
    Version: 2.0.11
    Been using this on the server since it was in beta! Our server members love it! Wonderful developer, very quick to respond with outstandingly clean code. A rare plugin from an actual developer that knows what he's doing.
    1. Barbadosian