TownyNameFix [Automatic] 2015-04-02

Auto update player names in Towny after a user has changed their minecraft name

  1. JungleSociety
    Hello, I have made this plugin so it automatically renames the players data in Towny to what their new Minecraft name is. So no need to worry about manually changing players data. These are the requirements:
    • Bukkit/Spigot 1.8 (of course xD)
    • Towny [1.8] or higher (THIS IS A MUST! IT IS A DEV BUILD)

      You have to have Towny or above! The latest build as of this post is here:
      If you don't know what version of Towny you have, try to do /ta resident in game, if it works, your build is higher than

      How it works:
    This is a very simple plugin. All it does is log your current username to a file then it will update when your username changes. Once it detects your username changes all it does it run the command through console "ta resident {oldname} rename {newname}." That's it! It is very simple and it took me only about 15-20 minutes to make.

    Upcoming Features:
    • MySQL support. No more stupid YAML files xD

    I have not REALLY tested this plugin yet, as I, nor any of my friends are in need of a new name. So please let me know if it doesn't work so I can fix it ASAP!

    I made this plugin so that it would auto run the command /ta resident {oldname} rename {newname} on my server when it detects a name change. Otherwise I would have to do it manually, and that's no fun.

    Anyways, let me know of any bugs or features you may want added or if it just doesn't work xD.
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Recent Reviews

  1. gpugeek
    Version: 2015-04-02
    Does exactly what is needed! An amazing patch, thank you!
  2. Jelly
    Version: 2015-04-02
    It doesn't work :c
    No changes to the data.yml or anything.
    I'm using Spigot 1.8.3 and Towny
    1. JungleSociety
      Author's Response
      Thank you for pointing this out. May I ask, when you do /pl in game to list the plugins, does this plugin show up? Also what java version are you using?