TownyQueue v0.2.5

An asynchronous town joining mechanism

  1. Barbadosian
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Barbadosian (Dev) | Ahooooy (Dev)
    Languages Supported:
    Simplified Chinese
    If you are updating from <v0.2.1, please read the update log. Breaking changes are introduced in v0.2.1!

    TownyQueue(TQ) is a light-weight and simple add-on to the native Towny. In the original Towny, the mayor and the players looking for a town to join must be online at the same time to complete the town joining process. This might work for some servers, and it might not for others.

    TownyQueue creates a queue(duh) for which players can join, and mayors can invite off from. This then introduces an async mechanism to the Towny joining process. Furthermore, this prevents chat spamming for players who are looking for a town to join and mayors who are looking for new members.

    Wiki: Home · Wiki · NatureCraft Dev / TownyQueue · GitLab
    Issue Tracker: Issues · NatureCraft Dev / TownyQueue · GitLab

    Dependencies: Towny, PlaceholderAPI(optional)

    Tested Platforms: Spigot, Paper, and other Spigot-Derivs

    The system offers players the ability to "bump" themselves on the queue, so that they will be ranked higher than other players, so they have a better chance of getting picked by the mayors. Currently, you can only bump yourself every 30 minutes. A config option to customize this is coming soon.

    Preferred Town
    When a player joins the queue, they can choose if they prefer to join a certain town. When they have a preferred town, their name will be highlighted when a mayor executes the /tq list command.

    Ranking System
    Currently, the queue is first sorted by bump count from highest to lowest. Then, in a segment of 5, that segment is sorted by the time when the players join the queue, from the oldest to the most recent. In summary, players with higher bump counts are ranked above those with lower counts, and players who are already in the queue for a longer time is ranked higher than those who joined recently.


    • /tq join [town_name]: command for a player to join the townyqueue. You can add your preferred town name in the end for the mayor of that town to notice that you are interested in joining his/her town.
    • /tq leave: obviously, the command to withdraw yourself from the queue for whatever reason (you will be automatically removed from the queue if a mayor accepts you through native towny)
    • /tq changeTown: the command to change your preferred town
    • /tq invite <playerName>: the command used by town mayors to invite people from the queue. This command is only accessible by mayors.
    • /tq bump: the command to bump yourself in the queue. For what that means, please refer to wiki.
    • /tq list: list the current queue.
    • And more! Please check to full list of commands on the plugin wiki!
    • townyqueue_totalcount: the total number of players in the queue at the moment.
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Recent Reviews

  1. acrtic
    Version: v0.1.8
    Excellent plugin, my players wanted this for ages and i found this one recently. its just perfect no bugs, perfect performance. Kudos to the dev!
    1. Barbadosian
      Author's Response
      Thank you! This is the exact reason why I built it in the first place, my players are enjoying this feature as well
  2. GreenArrow99
    Version: v0.1.8
    Damn, didn't know such plugin would ever exist. Anyways thanks for the plugin xD My players would love this new addition!
    1. Barbadosian
      Author's Response
      Like the profile pic XD Dahyun da best, but thank you for the review!