TownySplashChecker 1.0-LEGACY

Prevent splash and lingering potions in Towny zones.

  1. gerbillover
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    This simple plugin will prevent players from throwing splash and lingering potions whilst inside towns. Simply place in your plugins folder and restart your server!
    Obviously, this plugin requires Towny.

    This plugin was made for 1.12, however a legacy version for 1.8 is also available.
    Once you run for the first time, a config will be generated. There are two options in the config:

    denymessage - This is the message sent to a player when they try to throw a potion in a town. This should be surrounded by " marks and color codes (&c, &3, etc.) can be used.

    allowres - This can be true or false. If false, NOBODY can throw potions in towns. If true, residents of the town are able to do so.

    Unfortunately there's currently no reload command for the config, so just restart your server.
    If you encounter any bugs or issues please let me know using the

    This is my first plugin by the way, so enjoy! If you feel like supporting me for making it you can donate at

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  1. joerkig
    Version: 2018-07-10
    Very good plugin, just want we needed for our 1.12.2 towny server to stop pvp zone bypasing!