ToxicSkies 2.6.0

Toxic Skies is a Bukkit plugin that makes the world a harsher and more dangerous place.

  1. zarlo5899
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Toxic Skies
    Toxic Skies is a Bukkit plugin that makes the world a harsher and more dangerous place. Players are forced to survive underground or else be destroyed by the elements. Toxic Skies adds the following game mechanics:

    1. Players who get too close to the surface get periodically poisoned by the surface air.
    2. Staying above ground without protection will result in death after about two minutes.
    3. Pumpkins work like gas masks. Wearing one above ground prevents damage for a time.
    4. The weather is always storming. Monsters never catch on fire and visibility is reduced.
    Compatible with Multiverse.

    a note is that all world guard regions are "safe zones"

    1. Put .jar file in the Plugins directory.
    2. Start the server to generated a default config file.
    3. Update the config.yml file to set which worlds you want made toxic.
    4. Restart or reload the server.
    Code (Text):

    DeBug: False # Dont Edit game chat will be spamed
    Config: 0 #Dont Edit

    # Global mode - controls the default way Toxic Skies makes the air poisonous
    # Mode 1 - Always raining. Air always toxic.
    # Mode 2 - Rains now and then (like normal). Air always toxic.
    # Mode 3 - Rains now and then (like normal). Air only toxic when raining.
    Mode: 1

    SecondsBetweenPolls: 10
    AboveGroundDamage: 1
    AboveGroundMessage: The air burns your lungs and saps your strength!
    CleanAirMessage: The air is clean here.
    HelmetBreakChancePercent: 8
    HelmetBreakMessage: Your helmet falls apart in your hands!
    HelmetSurviveMessage: Your helmet weakens.

    # For a complete list, see:
    - SLOW
    - HUNGER

    # Only the worlds listed below will have toxic air
    # To override the mode of the world, add a pipe and the mode number to the end
    #    ex:  - myWorld|2
    # By default, all affected worlds inherit the global mode
    - world


    If you find a bug post it on

    Source Code

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Recent Reviews

  1. SpNova
    Version: 2.6.0
    Dude this is a masterpiece, Im trying to make Metro 2033 Rp-Survival server and this is exactly what I need, but in 1.16, the gas not working while rain is working. I really need this plugin and if you see this, please update it to 1.16, I beg you...
  2. Merlyn
    Version: 2.5.4
    Works verywell but how can you add nausea as potion effect?

    Apart of that its a great plugin good job!
    1. zarlo5899
      Author's Response
      you can add it in the config file
  3. P0Ps
    Version: 2.4.1
    Loving the plugin and the idea, unfortunately they players do not take damage but the effects are still enough for me to keep and enjoy the plugin
  4. LordDarkness
    Version: 2.4.1
    Not working for me in minecraft 1.9. This could be a very cool plugin, unfortunately the players don't get any damage.
  5. manuel1905
    Version: 2.4.1
    I tested it, it works very well. Thanks for the plug is perfect for hard survival saludos de Peru