TPBow 1.1

A very customizable vanity bow!

  1. TheSteveRizzo

    With this lightweight bow, you can offer donors a unique perk, while remaining EULA safe. This doesn't give donors an "advantage," and even allows regular users to use it, too! All messages, cooldowns, permissions and features can be edited to your needs!


    • Lightweight and very easy to use!
    • Ability to customize every feature!
    • Neat donor perk, while remaining EULA safe!
    • UUID Friendly!
    • Made by a developer with a good reputation.
    Code (Text):

    ## Edit Config, Reload Server, Good to go!

    Perms & Messages:
    Edit the configuration - then reload the server to take full effect!
    Make sure you add the permission node to the player.

    Report bugs via PM.

Recent Updates

  1. Update - Version 1.1 (7/30/14)

Recent Reviews

  1. maxppc
    Version: 1.1
    The plugin does not work on 1.16.5. The bow is issued, shoots, and does not want to teleport. (I use a translator because I don't speak Eng—Źlish)
  2. cournut
    Version: 1.1
    Very Very Good plugins and i rec your plugin on my channel MinePlugins (Frensh) but the plugin need a worldguard region for certain resctriction (My english is so bad) ;)
    1. TheSteveRizzo
      Author's Response
      Thank you!!