TPRandom 1.0

Teleport to a random place.

  1. Xfqlo23
    Plugin to teleport to random place!
    Run on 1.7.10/1.8 version.

    Teleports to a random place
    /setmaxx: Set limit in the east
    /setmaxz: Set limit in the south
    /setminx: Set limit in the west
    /setminz: Set limit in the north

    tpr.create: Permissions to create tpr sign
    tpr.use: Permissions to use tpr sign
    tpr.setlimits: Permissions to set tpr limits on the world
    tpr.use.cmd: Permissions to use tpr command

    1.Stop Your server
    2.Put TPRandom.jar to Your plugins folder
    3.Run Your server

    What plugin do?
    When the limits are setted, users with permissions can teleport to random place using "/tpr" or clicking "[TPR]" sign.

    How I create [TPR] sign?
    To create a "[TPR]" sign the only you need is the permissions and write "[TPR]" on the 3rd line.

    - Add world config
    - Add delay on teleport

    I'm open to suggestions.

Recent Reviews

  1. Bobthehalfdead
    Version: 1.0
    Great plugin that certainly makes it easy to set boundaries. As a matter of fact, it doesn't work at all without doing so! :)