TPSMonitor | Check if your server lags | Configurable | 1 plugin for bungee & spigot 1.1

Lag Notify, Fully Configurable, 1 plugin for bungee & spigot

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    The best way to check if your server lags!
    ► Introduction:
    You want to chceck if your server lags? You have a big network and you are tired of checking servers? This plugin is for you!

    ► Important Informations:
    • This plugin to work need TPSMonitor on bungee and spigot server!
    • You have to download and install BungeeYAML 1.2.5-SNAPSHOT-36 for bungee cord
    • That's all!
    ► Installation:
    • Put TPSMonitor.jar into plugin folder on spigot and bungee cord server
    • Install BungeeYAML on bungee cord
    • Configure plugin
    • Enjoy! ☺
    ► Permissions:
    • To recieve the notifications you need to have 'tps.lagnotify' premission. Be sure that you have added it to the bungee cord configuration
    ► Config:
    • Spigot Config:
    • Code (Text):
      Notify-TPS-Max: 17
    • Bungee Config:
    • Code (Text):
      Notify-Message: &4»» &f[&cBungeeCord&f] &6{SERVER}&f: &cLagging.

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Recent Reviews

  1. psycholxkas
    Version: 1.1
    Ich habe das selbe Problem wie Bolean! Bitte bitte hilfe oder fixxen!

    Sonst wäre es eigentlich gut.
  2. Bolean
    Version: 1.1
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      Author's Response
      What is your version of Bungee YAML?
  3. Bartek06PL
    Version: 1.0
    Excellent! I love that plugin <3!
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