TPSpawn 1.1

Teleport your players to spawn when they log in.

  1. Implicity
    This plugin allows you to teleport your players to spawn whenever they join. You can set where your players will teleport by using the commands down below. More features will be added soon!


    1. Download TPSpawn.jar
    2. Drag and Drop TPSpawn.jar into your /plugins folder
    3. Restart your server
    4. Now you're finished


    /setspawn : Set the spawn
    /spawn : Teleport to the spawn
    /spawn <player> : Teleport a specific player to spawn
    /tpspawn : List of TPSpawn commands
    /tpspawn reload : Reload the config.yml

    tpspawn.setspawn : (/setspawn)
    tpspawn.spawn : (/spawn)
    tpspawn.spawn.instant : (Teleport to spawn instantly)
    tpspawn.spawn.others : (/spawn <player>)
    tpspawn.staff : (/tpspawn & /tpspawn reload)

    Code (Text):
    # TPSpawn Configuration File
    # Created By: Implicity
    # Edit the Messages below!
    TP_on_Join: false
      SetSpawn_Message: '&aYou have now set spawn!'
      Spawn_Message: '&aYou have been teleported to spawn!'
      No_Permission: '&4You do not have permission to use this command!'
      Delay_Message: '&6&lYou'll be teleported to spawn in %delay% seconds!'
      TP_Cancelled: '&cTeleport cancelled!'
      World: World
      X: 100
      Y: 100
      Z: 100
      Pitch: 100
      Yaw: 100
    Spawn_Delay: 5

Recent Updates

  1. Added Delay to /spawn

Recent Reviews

  1. gr8pvper
    Version: 1.1
    I love this plugin! It works great and I am proud to say that you are a very skilled plugin maker, sir! Thank you.
    1. Implicity
      Author's Response
      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.