TQueue | A queue system 0.1D

A simple queue system in minecraft

  1. TheSeems
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.15
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    What is it for

    This plugin provides partly async queue system.
    For example, if you have the server which is shut down, players can join a queue associated with a server and the will be joined when server stands up. Queue also supports many servers for one queue.

    Quick Demo


    /queue list - list of all registered queues
    /queue add <player> <queue> - add a player to a queue /queue info <queue> - info about specific queue
    /queue join <queue> - join a specific queue
    /queue leave - leave all queues. // TODO: Make command to leave specific queue

    /queue create <queue> <[server, priotity]> - add new queue with servers.
    Example: /queue add hubs hub1,0 hub2,1 hub3,0 hub4,0
    Players will join hub2 until it's full if there is no special destination container on a queue

    /queue remove <queue> - remove a queue
    /queue clear <queue> - clears a queue (removes all players from it)
    /queue kick <player> <queue> - kick a player from a queue
    /queue addh <handler> - add handler to a queue
    /queue removeh <handler> - remove handler from a queue


    From here: https://github.com/TheSeems/TQueue/releases/tag/0.1D
    Download TQueueBungee-...jar and put it in the bungeecord plugins folder
    Download TQueueSpigot-...jar and put it in the spigot/bukkit plugins folder

    Configure your redis server and fill in configs for both bungee and spigot.

    Sample configs

    For spigot (plugins/TQueue/config.json):

    For bungee (plugins/TQueue/config.json):