TrackerPlugin [1.16.3] 1.1.9

A simple, easy to use Manhunt plugin

  1. croissant396
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.16
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    A simple plugin that allows players to track other players with compasses that point towards their locations. Currently only supports 1.16.3, but this will most likely change soon.

    This plugin was inspired by Dream's manhunts.


    To track anyone, use the command
    /track <playername>
    You will then receive a compass, which when right clicked, will point towards the target. On death, if you are currently tracking someone, you will receive the same compass. (This will be turned off if keep inventory is on).
    To stop tracking anyone, you can simply do
    /track stop
    If the target is not in the same world as the player tracking, ie, the target is in the nether while the player is in the overworld, the player will receive a message saying that the target is not in the same world. This will probably be fixed once 1.2 is released, which allows the compass to track that targets' portals.

    ** Not being developed anymore as I am working on more important projects. However, you can still feel free to download this or visit the Github. The Code is always free to view and use for yourself :) **