TrackerPro 1.0

Build a radar and track your friends!

  1. snowshovel

    Overview: This lightweight plugin allows you to track other players smoothly and easily, a great addition to Faction PVP Servers!

    Step 1: Drag and drop TrackerPro.jar into your Plugins folder.
    Step 2: Build a radar like so... [​IMG]
    Step 3: Craft some tracking fuel... (each piece of fuel increases the range of your radar by 25 blocks) [​IMG]
    Step 4: Stand on the redstone control block and enter the command!
    • /track <player> - When standing on a redstone control block, this command will track the specified player if he or she is within your range.
    Future Features:
    • Configurable radar formations
    • Configurable fuel recipes
    • Multiple tiers of fuel
    • Spigot 1.8 server
    If you encounter any problems, leave me a message here, send me a PM, or contact me on Skype at snow_shovel, and I will fix them as soon as possible!