Trade System | Advanced trades B5-SNAPSHOT-2

Add trades between players on your server (Money trade and more)

  1. B5 Snapshot 2

    Some nullpointer/task errors should now be fixed.

    Thanks for using Trade System
  2. HotFix - 1

    Some errors now should be fixed
    (also GUI has been changed a little bit).

    Please, remember: i'm still fixing errors, it's pretty difficult to add compability to all the versions (including paperspigot versions).

    Thanks for your patience
  3. B5 Update

    B5 Changelog:
    Fixed money dupe bug (Not tested) @lucas2107
    Fixed NPC error while right-clicking (Not tested) @king_battle
    Added messages to blacklist-command @lucas2107
    Switched from names to UUIDs (UsersFile) @lucas2107
    Added Max trade distance to config @Choubatsu
    Added spectate trade command (Permission: tradesystem.spectate_trade_command)...
  4. Hotfix - Legacy and not legacy version support

    Apparently you couldn't trade items from not legacy versions, this has been fixed after some tests. Please let me know if you find any bug, this version might be HIGHLY BUGGED and needs a lot of testing.

    Another time, please PM me any problem! Also thanks to XMaterials author which helped me to convert the native jar from 1.8 to 1.15.2!

    Here is the link to the resource: Click...
  5. B4 Update

    B4-SNAPSHOT update:
    * Fixed InventoryClose null pointer
    * Fixed PlayerQuit null pointer (Need more tests, please let me know) - Suggested by: @Ask3r and @Luiz_Wenner
    * Fixed wrong Sound name TRADE_SEND was TRADE_SENT
    * Added AntiScam timer, with 'animation' - Suggested by: @blaukat and @xdDirti
    * Increased 1.15 silent cooldown
    * Switch from Names to UUID for blacklist command - Suggested...
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  6. API and Sounds

    API and Sounds (B3):
    Added a simple API for developers, with custom events
    Added sounds, with sounds.yml now you can change your trading-sounds

    Last update (B3):
    Need to update languages file: no
    Need to update config file: yes
    Need to update players data: no

    As spigot seems to do not want to upload the new jar with the last update, i will do a version update which comprend HotFix update (B3-SNAPSHOT-2) and API and Sounds update (B3).

    This will be the...
  7. HotFix Changes (B3-SNAPSHOT-2)

    HotFix Changes (B3-SNAPSHOT-2):
    Changed config's description for 'pay_command'
    Fixed Money Change while locked: Players were able to change the amount of money while locked
    Fixed Money added even if cancelled: Now if the is cancelled, the amount of money will be set to 0

    Need to update languages file: no
    Need to update config file: no
    Need to update players data: no

    Also updated source has been posted on GitHub

    This version has been tested on 1.15.2, so it should work for every other...
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  8. Money Update

    Money Update (B3-SNAPSHOT)

    Build 3 changes:
    Fixed Inventory Click bug: Players were not able to trade stained clay and barriers
    Fixed Trade command bug: Many users with similiar username caused a null pointer
    Fixed Inventory Click bug: Null pointers on click
    Reworked InventoryCloseListener.class
    Added an optin to add money to the trade
    Reworked the Trade Interface

    Need to update languages file: yes
    Need to update config file: yes
    Need to...
  9. Added compatibility for 1.15.2

    Build 2 changes:
    Added 1.15.2 Compatibility:
    - Fixed many bugs

    Please remember, this build is a SNAPSHOT if you find any problem with it do not esitate to PM me :)
  10. Build 1.2

    Changelog: (*= Fixed +=Added -=Removed /=Changed)
    * Bug where sender's expire message was wrong
    + Check and message for empty inventories
    * Run task exception in TradesCooldowns.class
    * Run task exception in Trade.class
    * Inventory click listener null pointer
    - Premium things from code
    + Check for outdated languages file