Trade System | Custom layouts! 1.1.4

Setup your own trade gui ingame and create your way to trade with other players!

  1. Minecraft 1.15 support & Improvements

    • Minecraft 1.15 support
    • Fixes malformed money inputs
    • Items on cursor will be placed in the inventory if the active trade will be cancelled
    • Money replacement will be shown instead of money icon if money trading is disabled
    • Changed standard layout - flower to nugget
    • Adds the option "Blocked_Worlds" where players aren't able to trade
    • Adds polish support (POL.yml)
    • Adds french support (FR.yml)
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  2. Another dupe glitch fixed!

    • Traders cannot switch hotbar items with trade gui items anymore to duplicate trade gui items
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  3. Dupe glitch fixed!

    • Dupe glitch got fixed
    • Can be used with WarpSystem
    • Fixes matching method for blacked items
    • "/ts reload" doesn't break the plugin anymore
    • Works with latest CodingAPI to fix more bugs

    • Splits locales into different files
    • Glass panes can be removed in the layout editor again
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  4. Fixes important bugs

    • Fixes an issue, where the placed trade items have been removed
    • Fixes some issues with the trade command
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  5. Better AnvilGUIs (Bugfixes)

    • You won't pay exp for using the AnvilGUI for inputs
  6. Important bugfix

    • /trade contained a fatal error
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  7. Spigot 1.14.x Support & Bugfixes

    • Spigot 1.14.x support
    • Removes debug messages
    • Some fixes in in the TradeGUI
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  8. Some bugfixes and small changes

    • Items will be dropped, if the inventory is full and the option Trade_Drop_Items is set to true
    • Icons can now be moved directly with Shift + Lftclck when Trade_Drop_Items is set to true and the inventory of the partner is full
    • Fixes a bug, that the language.yml wasn't loaded correctly after an addition
    • Prevents from trading in a bed (Minecraft client bug: When a player lies in a bed and it opens a inventory, the InventoryClickEvents won't...
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  9. Important! Fixes the blacklist

    • The blacklist skips now unknown material tags
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  10. Important update! (Unlimited money trading fixed, item blacklist, ...)

    • The players cannot set unlimited money amounts for trades anymore
    • Money replacements are now shown correctly (name is now invisible)
    • The update checker sends no longer wrong links
    • The text "Coin(s)" in the trade gui can now be changed in the Language.yml
    • You can set Trade-Drops to false in the config, to prevent gone items in full inventories
    • Players can toggle their availability for trade requests
    • In the config...
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