Trade alpha_b#1

Quick, easy, and well written Trade plugin. No more scams!

  1. Xilixir
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    the easy way to trade your items
    How it works
    Type /trade <name> to send a trade request to a player.
    The target player will receive a message in their chat that
    they can click on to open the trade GUI.

    Both players can click on their items to add them, but they can’t remove items.

    When a player is ready, they can click the ready button.
    When both players are ready, the items will be swapped and the trade
    will be closed.

    If a trade is closed while items are in the trade, the items will be returned.

    /trade <name> - trade a player

    Permission - trade players

    This plugin is a test. If it gets donations, I will continue to release free plugins, however
    if it doesn't I will have to make premium plugins.
    Every donation helps <3

Recent Reviews

  1. SaveAndSoft
    Version: alpha_b#1
    One of the best plugins on the market. Easy to setup and use! The developer is really helpful and provides wonderful support. A++ RATING
  2. Proting
    Version: alpha_b#1

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