TradeAds 1.0

Allow players to advertise for trading

  1. Crunchy_Slipper
    TradeAds allows players to advertise on the server for items to trade. It doesn't deal with the actual trading as there are already plugins for that.

    I built this for my own server where we don't run any economy but do encourage item trades or bartering, though it could still be used to advertise trades even if an economy is used.

    A player is allocated one advert slot and can use /tradeads buy <item> and /tradeads sell <item> to add free text for the advert. An advert is selected for broadcast on a timed interval.

    Adverts have a maximum impressions count and expire when reached; this automatically prunes old adverts.

    Herochat is optionally supported so that adverts can be restricted to broadcast in a trade chat channel, giving players the ability to opt out of broadcasts by leaving the channel. The channel to use is configurable in game, and the broadcast will use the channel's format.

    A standard message announcing the plugin is broadcast on the global channel - the probability of this message being displayed is configurable in game. If Herochat is being used, this message also displays the command needed to join the channel.

    The options to control behaviour are all configurable by command (requires admin permission).

    Typing /tradeads without parameters, displays commands and current settings.

    tradeads.use - required to place an advert
    tradeads.admin - required to set config options.

    Data is stored in SQLite and SQLibrary is required to run.

    You'll need SQLibrary.jar in your plugins folder
    Drop TradeAds.jar in your plugin folder and restart the server

    If you want to use the Herochat options, then you'll need that installed too.

    Player Commands
    /tradeads sell <ITEM> - advertise something you want to trade off
    /tradeads buy <ITEM> - advertise for something you need
    /tradeads show - view your own advert
    /tradeads delete - delete your own advert
    /tradeads list - show all adverts
    /tradeads search <SEARCH TERM> - search adverts for your search term

    Admin Commands
    /tradeads interval <MINUTES> - change the broadcast timer
    /tradeads impressions <N> - change the maximum impressions
    /tradeads admindel <ID> - delete an advert
    /tradeads prefix <PREFIX> - change the broadcast prefix
    /tradeads probability <PERCENTAGE> - change the probability of a standard message broadcasting instead of an advert
    /tradeads random - toggle whether adverts are selected at random or ordered by impressions count
    /tradeads henable - toggle Herochat support
    /tradeads hchannel <CHANNEL> - set the Herochat channel to use for advert broadcasts