TradeCraft [Defunct] 1.1.3

Rebalance villager tiers and trades

  1. ridddle
    Ginaw, matejdro
    TradeCraft is no longer supported and will not work in 1.10 out of the box. If you know how to code, you can try modifying the source code here: – pick the original 1.8 or 1.9 fork to do your edits.


    TradeCraft allows to redefine trades and tiers for villagers, making it possible to rebalance the economy. It fully supports recent changes to villager trading in Minecraft 1.8, allowing to define tiers with trades.

    Feature List
    • Supports Trades
      • Define any trade using Minecraft names (no need to remember IDs!).
      • Redefine currency or define 100% custom trades.
      • Change default 20% restock chance.
      • Define price ranges.
    • Supports Tiers
      • Add as many or as few trade tiers as you want.
      • Define as many trades per tier as you want. You can even map 1 tier to 1 trade, somewhat restoring pre-1.8 trading.
    • Supports Professions. Example: silver apron villager can have Leatherworker or Butcher as their professions.
      • Add as many custom professions as you want.
      • Define which professions should be more common.
      • Change profession name and color.
    • Supports Enchantments
      • Define any number of enchantments on an item.
      • Pick from many random enchantments.
      • Define weights.
      • Increase base price when certain enchantments are picked.
    • Create shopkeepers
      • Define unique professions spawnable only with a command.
      • Make them invulnerable or immobile with vanilla /entitydata command.
    • Admin friendly
      • A database will keep old tiers and trades for existing villagers so you can change only new ones, making players happy…
      • …and if you really need to change them all, pass an SQL query without dabbling in world files.
      • Reload config with /tradecraft reload
    • Because the profession and its trades are pulled from the database when a villager is right clicked, some client-side mods might show different profession than the one accessed in the trade window.
    • Plugin will not co-operate with any other plugin influencing villager trades. You can create shopkeepers from within TradeCraft.
    1. Drop TradeCraft.jar into the plugins directory
    2. Start the server
    3. Stop the server
    The plugin will create its TradeCraft directory and inside, config.yml, example.yml and trades.sqlite.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Rylan79
    Version: 1.1.3
    Sounds like it was a great project at one point, but has since been abandoned. Doesn't work on 1.10 and doesn't appear to have any update coming.
    1. ridddle
      Author's Response
      Yes, sorry about that. I updated plugin’s page to say that it’s no longer supported and put a link to source code should anyone want to update it themselves.
  2. CarmineKing
    Version: 1.1.3
    Excellent! Sweet and simple! I wanted a plugin that uses my servers economy for villager trades and this is great! :)
  3. BlissMCServer
    Version: 1.1.2
    I've been using this plugin for awhile before it was uploaded on SpigotMC. It is very easy to use and helps with rebalancing the villagers in a way that supports the economy on your server rather than being forced to use the vanilla trading system. Also being able to create your own custom villagers is a nice touch too. Great plugin and I highly recommend it!