TradeShop 2.2.1-BETA

New powerful trading plugin with signs and chests - [Trade] signs // The ultimate trading solution!

  1. v2.2.1-BETA - Bug Fixes


    This release contains the fixes for 2 bugs
    • the one that sometimes causes the buyer to not receive the product if the product is supposed to end up exactly in the same inventory spot as the "cost" item;
    • and the one that may cause an NPE to be thrown when a command is issued.

    Pull-Requests and Issues:
  2. v2.2.0-BETA - Bug fixes and API/Framework


    + Fully added support for MC 1.15.x;
    + Addition of the a custom events API, the TradeShop Addon Framework (TSAF) (see Javadocs and tutorials on the plugin's website);
    * Many Bug fixes and optimisations under the hood.

    Pull-Requests and Issues:
  3. 1.14.x Support, Major fixes and optimisations

    This update introduces support for MC1.14.x while retaining support for earlier versions, as well as fixes several known issues and optimises the entire trading workflow.

    As always, thanks to @KillerOfPie for his many contributions.

    Please see the 2.1.0 Release notes on GitHub for a summary of the changes introduced by this update.
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  4. v2.0.2 - Bug fix for 1.13.x

    This fixes an issue that causes Bukkit/Spigot to potentially fail to load the plugin on 1.13.x setups.
    Thanks to @Khalikaze for reporting it.

    On an unrelated issue, from now on, if you need help, have questions or wish to complain you can reach out to us on Discord.
    You can also report bugs and other issues if you do now have a Spigot or GitHub account.
  5. v2.0.1 - Bukkit/Spigot 1.14.x

    This build fixes a couple bugs (#57, #58) caused by the changes in the Bukkit/Spigot API for MC 1.14.x.

    Naturally, it still supports all the previous versions that version 2.0.0 used to work on.

    Thanks to @KillerOfPie for the update and @smashedbotatos for reporting the issues.
  6. v2.0.0 - Full Recode, bug fixes, new features, performance optimization

    This updade has taken a long time to release. The changelog is huge and cannot fit the update description, therefore we suggest you take a look at the summary on the wiki.

    As usual, @KillerOfPie is to be credited for his major contributions, and @dart2112 for testing the dev builds and kindly providing an unofficial fork while v2.0 was work in progress.
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  7. TradeShop v1.8.2 - Important bug fixes

    This update fixes bugs reported in Issue #52.

    This should be the last patch before version 2.0, which is currently in development.
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  8. v1.8.1 - Important bug fix

    * This release fixes a bug that stops you from setting up tradeshops.

    Updating is highly recommended.
  9. v1.8.0

    + Explosion protection has been added: You may now prevent your TradeShops from being blown up by TNT, Creepers, Fireballs etc...

    -- The BETA label has been removed as this is considered a stable release. Other bugs have been fixed, so updating is recommended.
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  10. TradeShop v1.7.3-BETA | Fixed Errors