TradesPlus 1.2

Add new villager trades with custom chances and by profession or just remove some existing ones.

  1. bioctopus
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    • 1.16
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    TradesPlus allow you to add villager trades (with custom chances and by profession), remove trades from specific professions or forbid a trade result interely, all through a GUI.

    That's the first public plugin I made, and I have a lot to improve. If you feel like contributing please feel free to commit something on github, report bugs or leave a suggestion in my spigot profile, it would help a lot.

    The only command is /tradesplus that opens the gui and needs the permission tradesplus.use
    It's really simple to use, you can add new trades by profession, with custom chance (GIF)

    You can remove trade results by profession. (GIF)

    Or forbid a trade result entirely (GIF)
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