Trading 3.2 Small Fix

A user-friendly, fun, fair, and incredible way to conduct trades.

  1. david_rosales
    A user-friendly, fun, fair, and incredible way to conduct trades. A simple Inventory GUI that helps players visualize what items they want to trade without fear of being cheated. Easily see what the other player wants to trade and agree to a simultaneous trade. Second thoughts at the last seconds? No problem, simply cancel the trade in the "Second Thoughts" countdown. Both players involved in the trade will receive their items at the exact same time with no problems. A great asset to have for role-playing Minecraft Servers!

    Get within 10 blocks of a player and request a trade. If the player accepts, an Inventory GUI will open. Place the items you want to trade in your section and have the other player place theirs. Once ready, click the green wool to indicate you are ready. Once the both players have done so, a 5 second countdown will begin where no players can change the traded items. If you have second thoughts, cancel the trade by clicking the red wool. If you both like the selection of items, leave the inventory alone until the countdown is over. Both players will receive their traded items at the exact same time. Trading has never been more fair, safe, or easy.

    * /Trade (PlayerName) - Requests a trade with the designated player
    * /Trade Accept - Accepts the current trade request
    * /Trade Decline - Declines the current trade request
    * /Trade Reload - Reloads the trading config.yml file

    Only two permission for all trading commands
    • trading.admin - allows use of /trade reload

    To install the plugin onto your server...
    1. Stop your server
    2. Drag and drop the plugin into your plugins folder
    3. Start your server
    4. Enjoy!
    Code (Java):
    CountdownLength: 5
    Distance: 10.0
    TradeCurrency: true
    TradeCurrencyAmount: 100.0
    TradeInCreative: false
    ShiftRightClick: true
      error-not-involved: '&bTrading> &7You are currently not involved in any trades'
      error-trade-already-accepted: '&bTrading> &7The trade has already been accepted'
      error-accepter-different-trade: '&bTrading> &7The player &b%accepter% &7is currently involved in a different trade'
      error-requester-different-trade: '&bTrading> &7You are currently involved in a different trade'
      error-distance: '&bTrading> &7You must be within 10 blocks of a player to trade'
      error-world: '&bTrading> &7You must be in the same world as a player to trade'
      error-self: '&bTrading> &7You cannot trade with yourself'
      error-not-online: '&bTrading> &7The player &b%accepter% &7is not online'
      error-creative: '&bTrading> &7You cannot trade while in &bCreative &7mode'
      error-incorrect-usage: '&bTrading> &7Incorrect Usage, Correct Usage: &b/Trade (PlayerName)&7, &b/Trade Accept&7, or &b/Trade Decline'
      trade-request-sent: '&bTrading> &7Trade request sent to the player &b%accepter%'
      trade-request-received: '&bTrading> &7The player &b%requester% &7has just requested a trade with you. You have 15 seconds to accept'
      trade-accepted: '&bTrading> &7Trade has been accepted'
      trade-successful: '&bTrading> &7Trade was successful'
      trade-cancelled: '&bTrading> &7Trade has been cancelled'
      trade-cancelled-creative-reason: '&bTrading> &7This was because a player was in creative mode'
      traded-currency: '&bTrading> &7You have traded &b%currencyamount% &7as a result of the trade'
      received-currency: '&bTrading> &7You have received &b%currencyamount% &7as a result of the trade'
      config-reloaded: '&bTrading> &7The &bconfig.yml &7file has been reloaded'
      inventory: '|You|                  |Other|'
      divider: ' '
      decline-trade: '&cClick to Cancel Trade'
      accept-trade: '&aClick to Ready Trade'
      not-ready: '&7Not Ready'
      ready: '&aReady'
      add-currency: '&aAdd &f%currencyamount%'
      remove-currency: '&cRemove &f%currencyamount%'
      total-currency: '&aCurrent Money-to-be-Traded: &f%currencyamount%'
      - '&7Click this block at any'
      - '&7time during the trade to cancel'
      - '&7Once both traders have clicked'
      - '&7this block, the countdown will'
      - '&7begin'
      - '&7Adds your money to the trade'
      - '&7Removes your money from the trade'
    • CountdownLength - Set this number to the time in seconds to wait before completing a trade.
    • Distance - Max distance of a trade (Set to -1 for no distance. Trades will still not work across different worlds).
    • TradeCurrency - Set it to either 'true' or 'false'. If enabled (set to 'true'), the plugin will actively search for an economy plugin using Vault. If the economy plugin is found, all of the economy features of the plugin will be enabled if the TradeCurrencyAmount is greater than 0.
    • TradeCurrencyAmount - The amount of money increments to add or subtract by on trades. When a player adds money to the trade, the money added is by this amount.
    • TradeInCreative - When set to false, trading while in Creative mode is disabled.
    • ShiftRightClick - When set to true, trades can be initiated and accepted by holding shift and right clicking a player.
    • Messages - Replace the messages with your own.
    • Item-Names - Replace the name with your own custom names (inventory must be under 32 characters).
    • Item-Lores - Replace the messages with your own custom lores. Add more and more lines to it to add more and more messages to the lore.

    Video Tutorial

    Future Plans
    * Add a configuration file for custom "Second Thoughts" countdowns DONE!
    * Cancel trade on damage (Suggested by daniel0964) DONE!
    * Language options configurable in a config (Suggested by cPathz) DONE!
    * Economy support (Suggested by Everyone) DONE!
    * Configurable distance option (Suggested by Everyone) DONE!
    * Configurable world ignore option (Suggested by BiGUNMAN) DONE!
    * Ignored PvP Compatibility (Suggested by Chris_GSPvP) DONE!
    * VIP trading with more slots (Suggested by daniel0964)
    * Log player trades (Suggested by daniel0964)
    * Switch from Ready to Not Ready if items are changed (Suggested by Jleeevinnn)
    * Prevent players from trading with vanished players (Suggested by Stealth)

    It was brought to my attention that the demand for this plugin is pretty high. I honestly am honored to be able to log onto a server and pretty much find this plugin everywhere. The reason I am adding a donation button is for those server owners who feel a need to donate as encouragement. Honestly, a simple thanks suffices most of the time. However, I do have to balance between school, work, gaming, and plugin making. Donations tend to tip the scale. Therefore, here's a really cool shiny button. Click it!


    Message From The Developer
    Hi there! This is david_rosales and I bring you another plugin. This one is a role-playing must-have for all servers. It adds a fun little trading system. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. If you have any problems with the plugin, comment below and I will try to fix them immediately. Any suggestions? Suggest them! My future plans is pretty much empty since I don't see how I can improve this plugin with new features. Also, I'm thinking of adding a "Servers With This Plugin" section so... If you are going to use this plugin on your server, feel free to comment with the name and server IP address and I'll add it to the list. Thanks for reading this.. :D it means a lot. Have fun with the plugin!

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    This plugin is very straight forward, it doesn't take too long to setup. The permissions are simple and it's usage is intuitive.
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    Can you update for 1.12? because is not for version 1.12 the plugin is very good
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    Excellent ! Can we use money to buy items ? It is possible to display the player pseudo ? Thanks
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    Excellent but can add a options for trade whitout check the blocks distance?

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    Version: 3.2 Small Fix
    Hello ! I have a little issue : If a have a full inventory, the trade will sucess without give the item, also can you deny trade if one of player have a full inventory ? Thanks !