TrailGUI 6.16.1

EULA Compliant! - Lightweight, 100% Configurable, and Open Source! The best trail plugin available!

  1. 1.16.1 Update

    • Add Bubble Column Up trail.
    • Add Bubble Pop trail.
    • Add Current Down trail.
    • Add Cosy Campfire trail.
    • Add Signal Campfire trail.
    • Add Sneeze trail.
    • Add Dripping Honey trail.
    • Add Falling Nectar trail.
    • Add Dripping Obsidian trail.
    • Add Ash trail.
    • Add Crimson Spore trail.
    • Add Warped Spore trail.
    • Add Soul Fire trail.
    • Add Soul trail.
    Thanks to JohnStar128 for the PR!
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  2. 1.14.2 Build!

    Sorry for the delay.
    Trails may be broken, but the rest of the system will be fine.
  3. Minecraft 1.13.x Support

    Supports 1.13.x.

    If updating from 1.12.2 - you will need to re-do your config.yml because some particles have been removed.

    Essentials Vanish Support has been removed. Please use an invisibility potion effect to hide effects when vanished.
  4. Throw error if the database cannot be reconnected to upon being disconnected during use.

    As the title says.

    Closes #53 on github.
  5. 1.12 Update

    Update to use 1.12 as the targeted version.
    No new trails.
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  6. Playerdata fix

    Patch a small issue where if a player does not have trails and logs out, it throws a non-critical npe.
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  7. TrailGUI - Config re-do - please see new config

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  8. Update 1.11 trails

    Overlapping in the GUI is fixed by this.
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  9. 1.11 Comes to TrailGUI

    2 new trails -
  10. Updates

    Fixed trailmax being 1 under limit. - #49

    Silently catch error if updater is down.