Trails 1.1

A very neat trail plugin to add more realism to the game!

  1. Rockindavies21
    TRAILS V1.1

    What does this plugin do?
    This plugin adds realistic trails to the game which occurs whenever you walk.

    - If you walk on grass it will slowly turn into dirt.
    - If you walk on dirt it will slowly turn into gravel.
    - If you walk on gravel it will slowly turn into stone.
    - If you walk on stone if will slowly turn into cobblestone.
    - If you walk on sand it will slowly turn into endstone.
    - If you walk on endstone it will slowly turn into stone.

Recent Reviews

  1. brainy_smurf
    Version: 1.1
    This plugin works great. Definitely a nice touch to any survival world, and I'm absolutely going to start using it!!!

    I do have some suggestions though. It would be really nice if some default settings could be changed or configured, such as:

    1. If sand could turn into sandstone, and maybe finally to a lower-half sandstone slab? Also, for mossy cobblestone instead of regular cobblestone to be used?

    2. Being able to change the chance that each phase happen. For example, wanting grass->dirt to be very likely, but later phases to be less likely. And if not individual probabilities, just the ability to enable/disable the next phase altogether? (personally, I'd want to stop at "gravel")

    3. Most ideally, the ability to define which blocks can turn into what (including non-vanilla blocks based on full item name!)

    4. Lastly, per-world support to enable/disable this.

    JUST some ideas if you're interested, but as I said... love it (as is) and will start using it!
    1. Rockindavies21
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I will add those features in the next update! :)