TrainCarts 1.19-v2

Minecarts redefined

  1. Bugfixes

    Some issues showed up early after the v1 release which have been fixed
    • Client d/c when adding an attachment in the attachment editor on 1.19
    • NPE when pathfinding runs on a world without any trains
    • Redstone-activating a powered rail didn't cause a train to start moving (similar with activator rails)
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  2. Minecraft 1.19 support, performance improvements and fixes

    • [Improved] Performance improvements all around: RedstoneTracker, MutexZone logic
    • [Improved] SmoothCoasters API support updated to support the newest mod release (requires mod update!)
    • [Fixed] Train sign falling/rising trigger ([/train] and [\train]) still got triggered by train enter/leave
    • [Improved] Sign block-neighbour...
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  3. Smart mutex and performance improvements

    • [Added] Smart mutex functionality
    • [Improved] Performance improvements
      • Rail Lookup now per world, reducing expense of block hashcodes
      • Mutex zone lookup much more efficient
      • Detector regions are now mapped in the rail lookup as well, eliminating a map lookup
    • [Added] Train status command to view what action the train is doing...
  4. General performance improvements and fixes

    Nothing too special. Some performance changes from a test branch have been merged in, reducing the impact to TPS traincarts has. (train physics)
    • RailLookup cache replaces three other caches, eliminating a lot of unneeded hashmap lookups for business logic
    • Fix 'excessive velocity' warnings from paper during collision mode push
    • Fix players falling through the platform attachment (when going down) since MC 1.17 due to client-side bug (workaround)
    • Fix weird issue of unloaded...
  5. New spectator mode for seats, and more

    I've worked these past months on getting spectator mode for seats to work. What this means is that you can now lock the first-person camera view while inside the seat, and even have the camera go upside-down!

    • [Improved] Seat Attachment greatly improved
      • New spectator first-person locked view mode
      • New icons and menu layout
      • Shows ingame where the seat is at with a dummy player model
      • Better support for...
  6. Changes to train chest, train physics bugfix, more things

    You must update BKCommonLib as well! Please read the changelog carefully, some things may be important!

    There is a change for the train chest permissions, instead of train.command.chest it is now:
    • train.command.chest.use - for using the item
    • train.command.chest.create - for modifying/creating/giving the item
    • ...
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  7. Minecraft 1.18 update + bugfixes

    Adds support for 1.18 through the BKCommonLib update. Now depends on the cloud included by BKCommonLib, shrinking the jar substantially.

    Bugfixes & changes
    • Cancelling item drops did not work (killnodrops, chest item)
    • The playerpassengers selector now supports player names as well
    • Limit distance from which /train edit works (configurable)
    • Preloader update, fixes problem with AsyncWorldEdit...
  8. Quick patch for error in animation menu of attachment editor

    Animation menu didn't render properly due to a bug, which this version fixes. No, it does not yet support 1.18.
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  9. Fixes, performance improvements and new additions

    Of note are changes to the station sign, animations in the attachment editor and minor fixes/additions in various commands.

    • [Added] Added support for the new LightAPI release
    • [Added] Scene marker system in attachment animations to play sections of a longer animation
    • [Improved] Can now play the animation when using A/D in the animation frame list...
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  10. Minecraft 1.17 compatibility update, fixes, new features

    • [Added] Support for 1.17, requires the new BKCommonLib!
    • [Added] New commands
      • Train eject command
      • Train enter command now works from another world
      • Ticket remove command
      • Cart export and save commands, to only export the selected cart as a train
    • [Added] New @Train and @ptrain selector arguments
      • Can now select trains by tags, speed,...
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