TrainCarts 1.16.5-v2

Minecarts redefined

  1. Bugfixes and improvements for mc 1.16 (re-upload due to library shading bug)

    Not 1.17 compatible! Release update for 1.16 stability. Re-upload of an earlier version fixing an Adventure library version bug.

    • [Fixed] Infinite loop server crash when SignLink variables were used recursively in message shortcuts
    • [Fixed] NPE thrown when setting/getting mob collision rules
    • [Fixed] Client d/c on older mc versions when the Physical menu was...
  2. Command system overhaul, features and fixes

    • [Improved] All commands rewritten using the Cloud Command Framework
      • Command suggestions, auto-completions, help menu
      • Commands can now work in command blocks, with --train and --near flags
      • Some commands have changed syntax, such as launch and animate commands
      • New @ptrain and @Train selectors that work with all commands
      • All train and cart properties now use a new...
  3. Bugfixes and quality of life improvements

    • Attachment animation menu now supports multi-selection and re-ordering functionalities
    • Fixes animation not being saved when making changes such as renaming
    • Fixes hopper minecarts not transferring items from above every tick
    • Fixes drive sound and enter message properties
    • The spawnitemdrops property now also prevents chest/hopper minecart contents from dropping
    • New wait distance delay, acceleration and deceleration properties to have...
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  4. Bugfix for seat mechanics, improvements to pathfinding debug, more

    • Fixes an issue of players glitching in seats when players enter and exit at different positions
    • Fixes a physics glitch that caused carts to move further apart / closer together when accelerating/decelerating due to gravity.
    • Makes the /train debug destination tool more powerful, allowing for infinite length track traversal (spread over many ticks if needed). Messages made less confusing.
    • The /train issue command now has a new format with nice...
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  5. Compatibility update for 1.16.1, cool new features!

    • For BKCommonLib 1.16.1-v1 (Adds support for Minecraft 1.16)
    • Many new quality of life additions for the seat and entity attachments
    • Important bugfixes
    • Please note that players can exit even when playerexit is false on 1.16. This is a client bug. See this ticket.
    New additions and changes
    • [Added] Enter sign...
  6. Support for Minecraft 1.15+, new attachments, fixes and commands

    • For BKCommonLib 1.15.2-v1 (Adds support for Minecraft 1.15, 1.15.1, 1.15.2)
    • New platform and light attachments
    • Many quality of life improvements for the attachment editor
    • Train community sharing commands
    • Fixes for passengers not entering trains / getting ejected / trains disappearing (BKCommonLib)
    • Enabled Platform attachment, which is a partially invisible shulker entity
    • New light...
  7. Minecraft 1.14+ support, bugfixes, enhancements

    Adds support for Minecraft 1.14 - 1.14.4, with a lot of other changes, fixes and enhancements.

    • Adds support for the new BKCommonLib 1.14.4-v1 release
    • Item unbreakable and 1.14+ custom model data can now be configured ingame
    • Attachments have smoother movement and turning physics
    • Performance improvements, also inside BKCommonLib itself


    • ...
  8. Bugfixes and attachment animations

    Includes a couple of bugfixes and animations!

    • Adds attachment animations
    • Fixes a bug that caused minecarts to reset and lose their properties
    • [Added] Attachment animations, animation sign and command. Rotating wheels, spinning carts or other interesting things are now possible to make
    • [Added] Tooltips for the attachment editor icon...
  9. Support update for 1.13 and 1.13.1 + bugfixes

    Requires new BKCommonLib 1.13.1-v1. Addons will have to be updated also! (1.13+ support updates)

    Adds support for Spigot 1.13 and 1.13.1. Past versions of Minecraft are (of course) still supported.

    • Adds support for Spigot 1.13 and 1.13.1
    • Fix single-cart trains spawned in reverse by spawn signs
    • Fix wait distance signs and property, to interact better with custom rails such as TC Coasters
    • Bugfixes & performance improvements
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  10. Bugfixes and new features, support for a new addon

    This version of Traincarts builds upon previous release in January, fixing a lot of bugs that were reported over that time period.

    Included is a new and improved rail physics API that breathes life into TC Coasters, a new add-on for Traincarts. Please check out the new Spigot page for more details!

    New features are implemented for the attachment editor to make it even more powerful. You can now duplicate nodes,...