TrainYourMLG 1.0.1

You or your users want to train your MLG Skills? Then this plugin is perfect!

  1. ThisTimeCrafting
    IMPORTANT: Only usable on a 1.8.x Server!

    === Usage ===

    You ask yourself: For what is that plugin usable? Here's the answer: Imagine if you or your user aren't very good at MLG. With this plugin you can create arenas where you and your users can train it!

    === Installation ===

    1. Take the TrainYourMLG.jar
    2. Open the plugins folder
    3. Put the TrainYourMLG.jar into the plugins folder
    4. Start/Reload the Server
    5. FINISHED :D

    === Commands ===
    /mlg - The main command where you can look the following commands:
    /mlg setbackpoint - <PERMISSION: mlg.setbackpoint> Set the backpoint
    /mlg create <Arena> - <PERMISSIOM: mlg.createarena> Create an arena
    /mlg join <Arena> - Join the specific arena
    /mlg remove <Arena> - <PERMISSION: mlg.removearena> Removes an arena
    /mlg stats <Player> - Get the stats of a player

    === Tutorials ===
    No Tutorials :(
    Feel free to send me a PM with your Tutorial ;)

    === Ideas/Bugs ===
    You have ideas or bugs? Send them to me in a pm and i will fix them or maybe implement them! :D

    === Planned Features ===
    - Stats-System (Successful and Failed MLGs, All MLGs) || 1.0.1
    - New MLG Items (Lava Bucket, Slime Block, etc.) || ???
    - Signs (Join & Leave Signs) ???
    - MySQL Support (For Stats) || ???
    - BungeeCord Support || ???

    === My last word ===
    Thanks if you download it! I look forward to some comments etc. and i hope you like the plugin!

    => ThisTimeCrafting - Alex

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