Trak 1.0

Track players!

  1. GriffinPvP
    Trak is a tracking plugin similar to MCTeams' or MCPVP Raid. I made this plugin because the only public tracking plugin right now is broken and very badly coded. This isn't my best work, but should work properly. I will not be updating Trak as it will not break through versions unless the directions change, which shouldn't happen. I thought people should be able to practice tracking on a private server and get better at it without going on the actual server and risking dying or being tracked there when they're trying to learn.

    Here's what a vanilla (basic) tracker looks like:

    Each obsidian block counts as 25 blocks in the real world. The gold block also counts as 25 blocks, and ends the arm.

    To track, you stand on the diamond block and type the command.

    /track <player> - Check if the player is within the tracking distance in all directions your tracker covers.

    /track all - Get a list of all players within the tracking distance in all directions your tracker covers (The names are clickable, when you click one it'll make you perform /track <the name>).

    This plugin also supports temp-tracking. Check an YouTube video on how to do it if you don't know what that is.

    Here's a video on the basic tracking logic:

    I hope people enjoy this.
    Griffin out.