TranscEndence DEV 20

Slimefun Addon adding tools to get permanent potion effects via a quantum physics-like experience.

  1. Sfiguz7
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    An addon built as an entry to Slimefun's addonjam-2020, aiming at showing some love to the barren voidy dimension full of tall dudes who hate standing in one place for too long.
    The idea revolves around collecting particles from the Void via a specific machine. Mixing and matching you can then go on to create various new items, ending up with a new energy source along the way too! The end objective is a set of items which, when activated, give a permanent potion effect (up until death).

    Only one command available at the current time:
    - /transcendence guide (alias /te guide) || Gives a written book with basic info. It should also be given on first join but it's handy to have a command give one just in case.


    - Quirps - Fundamental particles, used in crafting;
    - Quirp Condensate - Crafting ingredient, can be used for energy production;
    - Zots - Higher tier particles, they need quirps to charge. Fully charged Zots are used for end game crafting;
    - Unstable Ingots - Crafting ingredient, will kill the player and disappear if held for more than a few instants;
    - Stable Ingot and Block - Crafting ingredients;
    - Polarizers - Oscillator modifiers, will make it yield more Quirps of the corresponding spins;
    - Daxis - End game items, grant a permanent potion effect upon being consumed (the effect fades on death).

    Multiblock machines
    - Nanobot Crafter - Needed for most of the recipes.

    - Quirp Oscillator - Allows collection of Quirps (only works in the End!);
    - Quirp Annihilator - Condensates opposite Quirps;
    - Quirp Cycler - Rotate Quirps from one spin to the next (clockwise);
    - Stabilizer - Turns Unstable Ingots into their Stable counterparts through a series of steps;
    - Zot Overloader - Lets you charge Zots by consuming Quirps of all spin (same spin = better efficiency).

    - Quirp Scatterer - Produces energy from Quirps (no net gain, same energy taken to produce them) and Quirp Condensate.

    A walkthrough explaining the suggested progression path can be found at