Translate 1.7

Powerful and effective hands-free translator!

  1. PantherMan594
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Easily translate text for players who speak a different language! Translate grabs a player's language from their client settings (requires ProtocolLib!) or through a command and uses that to determine what language they see chats, server messages, and inventory GUI items in (1.9+. On 1.8, disable in config). When a player chats, it automatically translates it to the languages of the other players.

    This plugin uses Microsoft's Translator API and needs API key(s) (requires a Microsoft account) to work. You can get an API key by following this (2,000,000 characters a month for free) and add it to the config, but Translate will automatically download a list of keys that I've provided and will be updating.

    Code (YAML):

    default language
    : 'en' # The default language
    bypass prefix
    : '>'
    : true
    : true
    : true
    : '&aLanguage successfully changed to %name%.'
    : '&aLanguage reset to %default%.'
    : '&cInvalid language. Possible choices:'
    : # Uses regular expressions. You can test expressions or get help from
    - '\/\w+' # Matches a forward slash (escaped with a back slash) followed by 1 or more alphanumeric characters
    - '("|'').*\1' # Matches any character except line breaks within either double or single quotes (including the quotes, the quotes have to match)
    debug: false

    # keys: #Custom keys (only necessary if you want to use your own, it will automatically download a list of keys to use)
    #   '0':
    #     id: 'Tharsen'
    #     secret: '6mutEwVfEVk3S9nIdolEc9EdVVHANwNyW69H15ssB7c='
    #   '1':
    #     id: 'Rell1936'
    #     secret: 'ZiE7WrcOTj0QYuJsgan0PhQDRv2A34ZVIQKBWL7wS9o='
    #   '2':
    #     id: 'Faber1974'
    #     secret: 'So3rU12SPzo2xjIICgyTPEoYxSIkAIKgopS1NOO/3jA='
    Simply set your language in Minecraft's language settings and chat in your language! To bypass the translation, prefix your message with a ">".
    (If image isn't showing, view it here)


    Code (Text):

    /language               Base command, opens language GUI menu when run without arguments
    /language reset         Resets to default language (set in config)
    /language set <lang>    Sets a player's language

    Simply drop this plugin (and ProtocolLib if you don't have it already) into your plugins folder and restart your server!
    Optional: Translate works out of the box, but you can configure it to how you like it.

Recent Reviews

  1. GladCypress3030
    Version: 1.7
    please make it with and update to 1.16.X papermc , I want to use it on my server
  2. hans_gurke
    Version: 1.7
    i think it is a cool plugin but the keys are wrong.

    [Lobby-1] [13:15:59 INFO]: UUID of player Flo_49 is ac58dc19-960d-4cbf-90f5-991690a14c2d
    [25.10 13:16:01.580] INFO: [Lobby-1] [13:16:01 WARN]: [Translate] Unable to read keys from link. Please contact plugin author.
    [25.10 13:16:01.580] INFO: [Lobby-1] [13:16:01 WARN]: [Translate] No keys found. Plugin disabling...
    [25.10 13:16:01.580] INFO: [Lobby-1] [13:16:01 INFO]: [Translate] Disabling Translate v1.7
  3. Heron4gf
    Version: 1.7
    I really like the idea, unfurtnatly i cannot use it since Microsoft translation api requires a credit card, can you make an option to toggle microsoft and Yandex translation api?
  4. BrandonMacedo
    Version: 1.7
    Add support 1.7 please :c
    i need a tranlator plugin please ..,mksamdkasmdkasndojasndas
  5. Xyist
    Version: 1.7
  6. kingsword267
    Version: 1.7
    Amazing plugin, turns all messages into the correct language without fault, only thing is it doesn't change the language in GUI menu's/inventory. If that was fixed easily 5 star.
  7. Tractors
    Version: 1.7
    Can you make it so it defines the user language via their IP location, or even their selected language in the minecraft client?
  8. ClutchFury
    Version: 1.7
    It seems good, it works well but I use it on 1.7.10 and causes a LOT Of errors in console, and once randomly started crashing all the Portuguese speakers on my server for some reason, although I didn't save the error code I wish I did. Errors aside though, this DID Help an incredible amount, and I'm about to reinstall it for a second chance, this is the best translator plugin I could find, hope it works!
  9. Lcswolf
    Version: 1.7
    Absolute fantastic a must for all servers handy for mods who need to know what other players are saying
  10. Fonzee9
    Version: 1.7
    Dude your the best thank you so much one of the rules on my server is English only now everyone can talk in a different language and it will put it in English for people.