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This plugin adds Transport-Pipes to Minecraft

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    The Transport-Pipes plugin adds several different pipes into Minecraft. At the moment there are colored pipes, golden pipes, iron pipes, extraction pipes, void pipes, ice pipes and crafting pipes. Similar to the BuildCraft mod, these pipes can transport any kind of item. In the following wiki you will learn how to craft and use this pipes and what the difference between those pipe types is. Also some basic information about the plugin's commands and config is described.


    TransportPipes depends only on ProtocolLib. In order for this plugin to work, make sure a recent version of ProtocolLib is installed on your server. You can download ProtocolLib here:


    As explained above, you have to use different pipe types in different situations. Every pipe type and it's purpose is listed below:
    • Extraction Pipe: This pipe is the only one which can extract items from container blocks. Container blocks are blocks which hold inventories: Chests, furnaces, hoppers, shulker boxes and so on. Extraction pipes don't connect to each other but they do connect with every other pipe and with container blocks of course. One extraction pipe only has one extract direction from where it extracts items. This direction is displayed by a different connection texture. You can change the extract direction as well as the extract condition by right-clicking the pipe with a wrench and choosing the desired option. The extract amount option allows you to extract multiple items in a single tick. You can filter which items get extracted by using the filter interface (explained in detail at the Golden Pipe section). Last but not least, the extract condition determines when to extract items. There are three extract conditions:
      • needs redstone: the pipe only extracts items if it's powered with a redstone signal.
      • always extract: the pipe always extracts items regardless of whether it's powered with redstone or not.
      • never extract: the pipe never extracts items.
    • Colored Pipe: This is the simplest pipe. Its only purpose is to transport items. Nevertheless you can dye this kind of pipe. Different colored pipes behave the same but don't connect to each other. Therefore you can create complex pipe system without having to worry about leaving enough space between pipes. The white colored pipe has a special role: It is the default pipe and therefore connects to any other neighboring pipe.
    • Ice Pipe: The Ice Pipe transports items in the same way as every other pipe does. The only difference is the transport speed. Ice Pipes transport items four times faster than other pipes.
    • Iron Pipe: Iron Pipes are basically "One-Way-Pipes". Regardless of the direction an item comes from, it will always move into the desired output direction. You can change this output direction by right-clicking the pipe with a wrench. This output direction is marked by a yellow texture.
    • Void Pipe: Void Pipes simply destroy all items which are moving inside them.
    • Crafting Pipe: The Crafting Pipe gives you the possibility to automate crafting processes. After specifying a crafting recipe, all items going into this Pipe will be cached and the result item is going to be crafted as soon as enough ingredients are stored inside. By right-clicking this Pipe with a wrench, first you can define the output direction in which the crafted items will go, second you can see the cached items, used to craft the result item and last but not least you can define the crafting recipe.
    • Golden Pipe: A Golden Pipe can sort items. Every output direction on the Golden Pipe has a specific color. By right-clicking this pipe with a wrench, a sorting inventory opens. You can put items in there to determine which items should go where. Every row in this inventory refers to an output direction of the Golden Pipe. The color indicates which row refers to which output direction. By clicking a color indicator (wool block) inside this inventory, you can change the filter mode and the filter strictness for this output direction. The filter strictness determines how strict to compare items when calculating the desired output direction for an incoming item and the filter mode gives information about how this filter should be applied.
    There are the following filter modes:
    • Normal: the default filter mode. It only accepts an item if it fits with at least one filter item inside this row
    • Inverted: compares items the same way as Normal filter mode but inverts the result which will block all items except the ones inside this filter row
    • Block all: simply blocks all items
    There are the following filter strictness options:
    • Item material: only checks if the Material of the item fits with the filter comparison item (ignores metadata)
    • Item material and metadata: checks if the comparison item is exactly the same as the the checked item
    In general, all pipes can put items into container blocks if they are connected to such but only extraction pipes can extract items from container blocks. Also as mentioned many times above, to configure pipes you need a wrench. The crafting recipe for the wrench is given below. The wrench can be used simply by right-clicking the desired pipe.

    Every pipe can be obfuscated with a solid block by simply right-clicking the pipe with a block in hand. This will place the block at the pipes' location and therefore obfuscate it. Although an obfuscated pipe won't be visible in this state, it still works as normal. Therefore this obfuscation feature can be used to increase FPS in a complex pipe system. Just break the block as normal to undo the obfuscation. To simply reveal obfuscated pipes for a couple of seconds without disabling the obfuscation, just shift-click with the wrench in hand.


    Crafting recipes can be disabled in the config file which allows you to use any external "custom recipes" plugin to implement different recipes. Nevertheless the following recipes are the default ones:

    Colored Pipe:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Golden Pipe:

    Iron Pipe:

    Extraction Pipe:

    Ice Pipe:

    Void Pipe:

    Crafting Pipe:



    • /tpipes tps - Shows some performance stats, e.g. the ticks per second of the TransportPipes thread or the amount of pipes and items currently ticking.
    • /tpipes settings - Opens the player specific settings interface. Here you can change the render distance of the pipes and you can switch between Vanilla and Modelled Render System. Vanilla Render System uses Vanilla Minecraft textures and the Modelled Render System uses a custom resourcepack
    • /tpipes creative - Opens an inventory where you get access to every pipe without crafting them manually. This only works in creative mode.


    The TransportPipes data folder ("plugins/TransportPipes/") has the following structure:
    • config.yml: This is the general plugin config file where you can adjust some global properties.
    • lang_[LANG].yml: These are the language files where all of the localized text is saved. You can directly change "your" language file or create one on your own and set the language option in the config.yml to the suffix of your created file (e.g.: language: en loads the language file lang_en.yml).
    • playersettings/: This directory contains player specific settings files which are bound to the players UUIDs. You may delete one of those files to auto-generate a new one on the next server restart.
    The general config file maintains the following properties:
    • max_items_per_pipe - If the amount of items in one pipe exceeds this value, the pipe explodes in order to prevent lag issues.
    • crafting_enabled - Disable this option to disable all pipe crafting recipes. (Can be useful if you want to implement different recipes with a custom recipes plugin)
    • anticheat_plugins - List all AntiCheat plugins running on your server here. If not listed here, some players may not be able to place or break pipes due to AntiCheat prevention.
    • default_render_system - Can be either "vanilla" or "modelled". The vanilla rendersystem displays pipes without any resourcepack and only with the help of invisible armorstands. The modelled rendersystem uses a custom resourcepack for a much better playing experience (the modelled version also reduces the amount of entities in the world which increases FPS)
    • default_show_items - Specify the default value for the player-specific option "show items". This option allows you to visually hide all items moving through the pipes.
    • default_render_distance - Specify the default render distance of ducts. (Can be changed individually by each player).
    • resourcepack_mode - This option can be one of three values: "default", "server" or "none". The option "default" automatically loads the default resourcepack for TransportPipes. "server" assumes that the resourcepack is handled by the server completely ("server-resourcepack" option in the "none" means no resourcepack should be used and therefore the modelled rendersystem is completely disabled. If you already have got a server resourcepack but want to use the TransportPipes resourcepack too, this is where the "server" option comes into play. Just download the TransportPipes resourcepack from here, merge it with your own resourcepack put a link to the merged pack into your server-resourcepack option in the and set the "resourcepack_mode" in TransportPipes to "server".
    • disabled_worlds - For every world contained in this list, the duct system will be disabled.
    • wrench - The wrench item. "item" is the Material and "glowing" just makes the item be enchanted without any "enchantment label" on it.
    • language - Specify the language you want to use. If you change the language here, make sure that the respective lang_[LANG].yml file in the plugins data folder exists (You may create such with your own translations).
    • show_hidden_ducts_time - When a player shift-clicks with a wrench in his hand, he will get to see all hidden nearby ducts. This property is the time in seconds, how long the ducts are revealed.


    TransportPipes provides a lightweight API for duct creation / destruction, putting items inside them and so on. Let me know if you need any API extensions.

    A simple overview of the API methods is available on the official TransportPipes wiki:

    A donation would help me a lot working on this plugin and keeping it up to date :D


    Construction graphic by madebyoliver from Flaticon is licensed under CC BY 3.0. Logo and banners created with

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