Transport-Pipes 5.0.0

This plugin adds Transport-Pipes to Minecraft

  1. minor bugfixes + added occlusion culling

    This update adds the following features to TransportPipes:
    • occlusion culling! This means that pipes that are occluded by solid blocks, e.g. pipes behind a wall, aren't rendered as entities on the client side. This will lead to a huge FPS improvement.
    • new config options:
      • "custom_resourcepack": Here you can specify the URL to a custom resourcepack. This can be used if your server uses two different server resourcepacks. Therefore these Resourcepacks can be merged and the URL to the merged pack can be given here.
      • "force_default_rendersystem": Enable this option to force all players to use the rendersystem given at "default_rendersystemId".
      • "default_showitems": This option specifies the default value for the user-specific property "show items".
    • Furthermore the possibility to change the permission names needed to perform certain TransportPipes actions is removed. The permissions are now hardcoded and can be found here:
    • Last but not least some minor bugs have been fixed. E.g. the bug that when breaking a pipe more pipe items had dropped.
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