Transport-Pipes 5.0.0

This plugin adds Transport-Pipes to Minecraft

  1. Recode Update for Minecraft 1.13

    This update is a complete rewrite of TransportPipes, which will increase performance and FPS a lot.

    The new / replaced features can be read about in the wiki:

    To migrate from an older version of TransportPipes, first of all you have to delete the TransportPipes configuration folder so that it can be autogenerated again (the config structure has changed).
    After starting the server with the new plugin, it will automatically...
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  2. crafting pipe bugfixes

    • fixed IllegalPluginAccessException on server shutdown
    • crafting pipes loading recipes on startup
    • readded pipe explosion
    • added recipe NamespaceKeys
    • fixed crafting pipe item duplication bug
    • removed automatic update system but kept update notifications
    • redone ItemDistribution system (how items distribute onto multiple pipes when there are many possible directions to move)
  3. Crafting pipe and bugfixes

    • added AcidIsland and LWC support
    • fixed occlusion culling performance issues
    • added sentry error reporting system
    • updated resourcepack system (see wiki for more)
    • implemented resourcepack hash calculation
    • added "disabled_worlds" config option (see wiki for more)
    • added crafting pipe (see wiki for more)
  4. minor bugfixes + added occlusion culling

    This update adds the following features to TransportPipes:
    • occlusion culling! This means that pipes that are occluded by solid blocks, e.g. pipes behind a wall, aren't rendered as entities on the client side. This will lead to a huge FPS improvement.
    • new config options:
      • "custom_resourcepack": Here you can specify the URL to a custom resourcepack. This can be used if your server uses two different server resourcepacks. Therefore these Resourcepacks can be merged and the...
  5. many updates

    • fixed NullPointerException on pipe.dat conversion
    • added stackable item support
    • added extract amount option in extraction pipe
    • fixed double chest update bug
    • added LWC support
    • added show/hide items option inside player settings
    • increased pipe amount in creative gui
    • added "default_rendersystem" config option
    • added "default_showitems" config option
    • fixed IndexOutOfBoundsException in PipeColor calculation
  6. added "default_rendersystemId" config property

    this property specifies wich RenderSystem (Vanilla = 0, Modelled = 1) to use as default for new players. Later every player can switch his RenderSystem by using /tpipes settings
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  7. Updated Resourcepack link

    Updated Resourcepack link
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    • added extraction pipe
    • added void pipe
    • added possibility to choose between Vanilla and Modelled Render System
    • updated crafting recipes
    • updated config files
      • added config.yml
      • added localization.yml
      • added recipes.yml
    • fixed many bugs
    • changed pipe items to textured heads
    • changed wrench item to glowing stick
    • API update: added TransportPipesContainer interface
  9. ice pipes!

    • added ice pipes which will transport items much faster
    • reworked the command interface: new commands:
      • tpipes tps
      • tpipes settings
      • tpipes reload <config | pipes>
    • major antiCheat support bugfix
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  10. 3.8.17

    • major golden pipe item duplication fix
    • API update added some methods
      • getPipeAtLocation()
      • putItemInPipe()
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