TrashCan 1.2.0

Trash's Items with a GUI!

  1. ServersMC
    ServersMC, DennisLysenko
    This plugin is abandoned. Please message me if you want this project to be continued. (Reason: Low demand)
    Trash your items you no longer need, simple command /trash. Nothing serious, but a very useful plugin when it comes to lag. It'll stop your players from dropping items onto the floor, and then causing entity lag! Now comes with a GUI!

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    * Comes with a GUI that pops up when typed /trash
    No config file! All you need to do is fire up the plugin and thats it!

    Code (Text):
    /trash    Opens trash GUI.
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    No permissions!

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  1. Added GUI

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  1. GreeKHacK
    Version: 1.2.0
    Continue please i love this plugin!Pliz update it <3.I love your work dude!CONTINUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE<3