Treasure Enchant [SK] 2.2

Mining ores with this enchantment will be more fun! Highly customisable!

  1. MachisCZ
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    Hello there! I created a small script that gives you the ability to get treasure from mined ore! Like in Mega Walls Minigame. It works only with special enchant. (Treasure I as default)

    Anti clonning system!
    Players can get treasure only from generated ores. Placed ores are blocked.

    Example: (Chest will disappear after time what you set in config)

    Enchanted Books!

    Level cost depends on level of enchant! Everything is customisable!

    Script is highly customizable !
    In new config you can set % for all enchantemnts! (1-3)
    You can customise a lot of things! Any idea? Post it in comments.
    Code (Text):


    # ------------------ Messages ------------------------- #

        NoPermission: &cYou dont have permission for that.
        Prefix: &f[&6Treasure Enchant&f]
        TreasureFoundMSG: &eYou found a treasure&f!
        TreasureDisappear: &cTreasure disappeared&f!
        WrongTool: &cThis enchant can be applied only on pickaxe!
        BadUssage: &cBad usage! Type /te or /treasureenchant for help!
        EnchantDone: &aEnchant susscefully added to pickaxe!
        NoLvl: &cYou don't have enought levels!
        ReloadingMSG: &cReloading...
        ReloadMSG: &aHas been reloaded!
    # ---------------- Level Cost ----------------------- #

        CostLvl1: 5
        CostLvl2: 10   # How many levels player need for applying enchant
        CostLvl3: 15

    # ---------------- Enchanted Books ----------------------- #
        BookName: &eEnchanted Book
        BookLore: &6This is a special enchanted book.
        BookLore2: &6Drop this book on     pickaxe what you want to enchant.
        BookLore3: &6Levels needed for applying enchant#<levelCost>
    # ------------------ Effects ------------------------- #

        SoundEnabled: true                  # true or false
        SoundType: random.levelup           # sounds for 1.8
        FireworkEnabled: true               # true or false
        MessagesEnabled: true               # true or false ##For treasure found and dissapear
        DissapearTime: 10      #Seconds
    # ----------------------- Enchant name ----------------------- #

        ToolLore: &7Treasure
        ToolLore1: I
        ToolLore2: II
        ToolLore3: III
    # ----------------------- Chances for lore I ----------------------- #

        EmeraldOreChance: 15%
        DiamondOreChance: 12%
        GoldOreChance: 10%
        IronOreChance: 8%
        LapisOreChance: 5%
        RedstoneOreChance: 3%
        CoalOreChance: 1%
        QuartzOreChance: 4%
    # ----------------------- Chances for lore II ----------------------- #

        EmeraldOreChance2: 20%
        DiamondOreChance2: 15%
        GoldOreChance2: 12%
        IronOreChance2: 10%
        LapisOreChance2: 8%
        RedstoneOreChance2: 5%
        CoalOreChance2: 3%
        QuartzOreChance2: 6%
    # ----------------------- Chances for lore III ----------------------- #

        EmeraldOreChance3: 25%
        DiamondOreChance3: 20%
        GoldOreChance3: 15%
        IronOreChance3: 12%
        LapisOreChance3: 10%
        RedstoneOreChance3: 8%
        CoalOreChance3: 5%
        QuartzOreChance3: 10%
    # ----------------------- Loot ----------------------- #

        Loot1: Diamond
        Loot2: steak
        Loot3: enchanted book of unbreaking 1
        Loot4: coal
        Loot5: stick
        Loot6: enchanted book of sharpness 1
        Loot7: iron ingot
        Loot8: cobblestone
        Loot9: cobblestone
        Loot10: torch
        Loot11: enchanted book of sharpness 2
        Loot12: enchanted book of sharpness 3
        Loot13: potion of speed
        Loot14: experience bottle
        Loot15: enchanted book of protection 1
    # ----------------------- Chances for loot ----------------------- #

        ChanceforLoot1: 5%
        ChanceforLoot2: 25%
        ChanceforLoot3: 10%
        ChanceforLoot4: 30%
        ChanceforLoot5: 50%
        ChanceforLoot6: 5%
        ChanceforLoot7: 25%
        ChanceforLoot8: 35%
        ChanceforLoot9: 35%
        ChanceforLoot10: 20%
        ChanceforLoot11: 10%
        ChanceforLoot12: 2%
        ChanceforLoot13: 15%
        ChanceforLoot14: 5%
        ChanceforLoot15: 10%
    # ----------------------- Ammout of loot ----------------------- #
        AmmoutOfLoot1: 1
        AmmoutOfLoot2: 3
        AmmoutOfLoot3: 1
        AmmoutOfLoot4: 12
        AmmoutOfLoot5: 5
        AmmoutOfLoot6: 1
        AmmoutOfLoot7: 3
        AmmoutOfLoot8: 27
        AmmoutOfLoot9: 13
        AmmoutOfLoot10: 24
        AmmoutOfLoot11: 1
        AmmoutOfLoot12: 1
        AmmoutOfLoot13: 1
        AmmoutOfLoot14: 20
        AmmoutOfLoot15: 1


    # ---------------- Do not touch anything under this!!! ------------------------ #

    treasureenchant.getenchant - Perms for command /te 1-3
    treasureenchant.books - Perms for command /te <book>
    treasureenchant.reload - Perms for command /te reload

    How to install:

    - Download Skript.jar
    - Download SkQuerry3.jar and Umbaska.jar
    - Put Skript.jar, SkQuerry3.jar and Umbaska.jar to your plugins folder
    - Restart server
    - Download this skript
    - Put Treasure to your plugins/Skript/scripts folder
    - In game use command /sk enable Treasure Enchant

    Umbaska -- NEW!

    Aditional info:
    Every 5 stars will make me happy :)
    If u want me to add new features just comment your ideas :)
    My english is bad i know, i am so sorry.
    If you need help or found a bug you can contact me in pm.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Valentin.asse95
    Version: 2.2
    Hello, can you add up to 250 levels? Nice skript BTW please make a JackHammer one too. Thank you!
  2. vnck-
    Version: 2.2
    Nice skript you have here, rated 4 stars because the cursor item expression isn't working maybe you have another addon which allows this to work? Will rate 5 stars when fixed
  3. Artscince
    Version: 2.2
    its really a nico addon if it work on spigot1.8.8
    sorry。。。。but it does't work anymore。。。。.
    i'm using script 2.1.2,skquerry 4.0 and umbaska 1.5
    I don't know how to fix it as I just use this plugin(skript) first time
    here is the test report
    [15:39:51] [Server thread/ERROR]: [Skript] Can't compare a slot with ('a pickaxe named "%name of player's tool%" with lore "&7Treasure I"' or 'pickaxe with lore "&7Treasure I"') (Treasure, line 148: if player's tool is a pickaxe named "%name of player's tool%" with lore "{@ToolLore} {@ToolLore1}" or pickaxe with lore "{@ToolLore} {@ToolLore1}":')
    [15:39:51] [Server thread/ERROR]: [Skript] 'else if' has to be placed just after another 'if' or 'else if' section (Treasure, line 307: else if player's tool is a pickaxe named "%name of player's tool%" with lore "{@ToolLore} {@ToolLore2}" or pickaxe with lore "{@ToolLore} {@ToolLore2}":')
    [15:39:51] [Server thread/ERROR]: [Skript] 'else if' has to be placed just after another 'if' or 'else if' section (Treasure, line 464: else if player's tool is a pickaxe named "%name of player's tool%" with lore "{@ToolLore} {@ToolLore3}" or pickaxe with lore "{@ToolLore} {@ToolLore3}":')
  4. Barbarx
    Version: 2.1
    Good update!!! add more features!!!

  5. Bolean
    Version: 2.1
    Wow nice and cool idea men hahaha .
  6. ItsJordan
    Version: 2.1
    It would be a cool feature to enable the chance of the pickaxe breaking when applying the enchant. It should have a true or false state in case some people think it would be a bad aspect for their server
    1. MachisCZ
      Author's Response
      Thanks for review. I will add that in next update :)
  7. simonsejse
    Version: 2.0
    Not going to use it, but i like it! It's awesome !:) . .
    1. MachisCZ
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot! :)
  8. simonsejse
    Version: 1.1.1
    You need a drag and drop, with the enchant. I mean so you have a book, with the enchantment name on it.. Just like cosmicpvp. And then you could drag and drop it on the item, and the enchant would go on the item you clicked the book with. If you make this i'll make it a 4, maybe a 5.. Depends on the quality.
    1. MachisCZ
      Author's Response
      Hi, i am planning to add enchanted books in next update :)
  9. xXFelix2700Xx
    Version: 1.1.1
    Hm , Its Crazy....i reload the Skript ----> NO errors...but the Command doesnt work for me (unknown Command).

    Could you help me Pls?
    Sorry for Bad english im german
    1. MachisCZ
      Author's Response
      Hello, add me on skype -> Machis13 and i will help you with it :)
  10. tobimoriTv
    Version: 0.1
    Wow, very nice :)
    It's very cool for Prison Servers.
    You can use it in a mine with increased chances.
    1. MachisCZ
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot! :)