TreasureChest-Reloaded 8.5-R

Plugin made by Mtihc, just porting it to the new bukkit versions

  1. Wolfezz
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    If you run 1.16 or later, you need WorldEdit 7.x to run it!


    Normal Treasure: You see the items when you open it... for the first time

    Unlimited Treasure: You see the items when you open it... every time
    (dispensers/droppers can dispense/drop unlimitedly)

    Random Treasure: You see a random selection of the items. Can also be unlimited!

    Shared Treasure: Instead of having a personal inventory for every player, all players share the same treasure inventory.

    Forget-Time: You can access a treasure again... after the forget-time has passed.

    Custom messages: (found first time, found again, is unlimited)

    Some treasures are for some ranks.

    Create Treasure Groups to perform operations on a bunch of treasures at once!

    Add special rewards:
    Money using Vault
    Experience, Health, Hunger, Air
    Potion effects!
    Fly for some time
    Create explosion at some location
    Place redstone torch at some location
    Execute a command... normally, or let console execute it, or make player OP for a sec.
    Broadcast a list of messages
    Bankrobber, cannot be looted, until looter is killed
    Score reward

    Here's a list of all the permissions.

    Note that there are no default permissions. You require a permission plugin.

    Permission treasurechest.admin grants all permissions. OPs have this permission automatically.
    Permission treasurechest.player grants all permissions that a player would normally get:

    • treasurechest.access
    • treasurechest.count
    • treasurechest.count.others
    • treasurechest.list
    Permission node Description
    treasurechest.access - Allows you to access any type of treasure chest
    treasurechest.access.treasure - Allows opening treasure chests
    treasurechest.access.unlimited - Allows opening unlimited chests
    treasurechest.count - Allows you to count how many chests you have found
    treasurechest.count.others - Allows you to count how many chests you or someone else has found
    treasurechest.delete - Allows you to delete treasure chests and turn them into regular chests again.
    treasurechest.forget - Allows you to make a chest forget that you have found it
    treasurechest.forget.others - Allows you to make a chest forget that you or someone else has found it
    treasurechest.forget.all - Allows you to make a chest forget that anybody has found it
    treasurechest.ignoreprotection - Allows you to disable/enable 3rd party protection plugins on treasure chests
    treasurechest.list - Allows you to see a list of locations of all the treasures you found
    treasurechest.list.all - Allows you to see a list of locations of all the treasures on the server
    treasurechest.random - Allows you to turn treasure chests into random chests.
    treasurechest.reload - Allows access to the reload command
    treasurechest.set - Allows you to turn regular chests into treasure chests and set their messages. And forget time, etc.
    treasurechest.unlimited - Allows you to turn treasure chests into unlimited chests.
    treasurechest.rank.X - Allows you access certain chests.
    Replace X with a configured rank name.
    treasurechest.peek - Allows you to look at a treasure's real inventory.

    The main command is /treasurechest, or /tchest for short.

    To get command help, execute

    or for example,
    /tchest setmessage ?

    General commands
    Description Command
    Command help /tchest [page]
    /tchest <command> ?
    Reload the config.yml file /tchest reload
    Count how many treasures you, or somebody else has found. /tchest count [player]
    List all treasure locations that you have found /tchest list [page]
    List all treasure locations on the server /tchest list-all [page]

    Treasure commands
    All of the following commands require you to look at a chest. (or doublechest/furnace/dispenser/brewingstand)

    Description Command
    Create new treasure
    Or update the items. /tchest set
    /tchest create
    Create new shared treasure
    Or update the items. /tchest set-shared
    Delete treasure /tchest del
    /tchest delete

    Let the items be random.
    For example, if a treasure has 10 item-stacks in it.
    And you do /tchest random 2.
    The treasure will be 2 item-stacks, randomly chosen from the total of 10 /tchest setrandom [amount]
    /tchest random [amount]
    /tchest r [amount]
    Unlimited treasure mode /tchest setunlimited
    /tchest unlimited
    /tchest u

    Ignore-protection mode.
    When ignore-protection is on, and there is
    another plugin protecting the chest.
    Then, this plugin will try to override the protection,
    so that players can get the treasure anyway. /tchest ignoreprotection
    /tchest ip
    Read more about messages below. /tchest setmsg [index] <msg>
    /tchest setmessage [index] <msg>
    Players can loot the treasure again, after this much time. /tchest setforgettime <d> <h> <m> <s>
    /tchest setforget <d> <h> <m> <s>
    You, or another player, can loot it again /tchest forget [player]
    Everybody can loot it again /tchest forget-allplayers
    /tchest forget-all
    Add/remove/list rewards, like health, exp, money, etc. /tchest reward
    Add/remove/list ranks.

    Also see the permissions,
    for giving out ranks to players /tchest rank
    Create/delete/list treasure groups.
    Add/remove treasures.
    And other group operations. /tchest group ?

    Look at the real inventory of a treasure
    Useful when working with unlimited dispensers and droppers./tchest peek

    Change messages
    When executing command /tchest setmsg [id] <message>, you can use the following message indices:

    1. Found for the first time
      For example /tchest setmsg 1 You found a treasure!
    2. Found already
      For example /tchest setmsg 2 You already found this treasure.
    3. Found an unlimited treasure
      For example /tchest setmsg 3 Take as much as you want!

    You can also configure default messages.
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Recent Reviews

  1. yueyinqiu
    Version: 8.5-R
    Amazing plugin. It seems to work well on 1.15.2(Paper). (I haven't tested all the functions).
  2. javisb98
    Version: 8.5-R
    I love this plugin for all my server's easter eggs, ├žbut even with /tchest ip enabled, players cannot open it in protected regions with the worldedit chest access deny flag
    1. Wolfezz
      Author's Response
      Tried setting chest-access to allowed?
  3. ErectileStanly
    Version: 8.5-R
    Fast updates! Love the plugin. May want to consider adding a donation link to the home page!
    1. Wolfezz
      Author's Response
      I might, but since this is nothing big and the credits for the original plugin are not mine, I'm going to think over it
  4. TheLaoming
    Version: 8.5.1
    It is bug, or you just wrote it as warez player/for warez servers? Because plugin works great when I'm using it on tl launcher. But if I'll use bought Minecraft version, and type command /tchest forget , I just receive message "Invalid UID TheLaoming". Anyway good plugin. Maybe something like GUI menu with teleportation to the chests and their destinations will be useful :P
  5. PzikoziZ
    Version: 8.5.1
    Would be great if chest has sounds or animation of open, so perfect plugin bro, thanks
  6. Lacesanfu
    Version: 8.5.1
    Great, after testing my paperspigot worked perfectly at 1.12.2 <333333
  7. StevenHong
    Version: 8.5.1
    It's not working properly. /tchest setforget doesn't make the chest lootable again no matter what
  8. Bublelift
    Version: 8.5.1
    It's not working properly. /tchest setforget doesn't make the chest lootable again no matter what, I have to use /tchest forget-all manually. What can I do?
  9. itisnet2468
    Version: 8.5.1
    Please update to spigot-1.15.1
    This is an awesome plugin, and I hope to have it on 1.15.1 server immediately.
  10. FoxMagick
    Version: 8.5.1
    Works smoothly and perfectly on my 1.14.2 server, please keep up the amazing work. This is honestly an awesome plugin and really allows for an RPG atmosphere. :D