TreasureChest-Reloaded 8.5-R

Plugin made by Mtihc, just porting it to the new bukkit versions

  1. 1.16.1 Update

    You've propaby waited a long time for this. I updated the TC plugin to 1.16.1.
    Disclaimer: This build is not tested.

    It is now using WorldEdit 7.0.
  2. 1.13.1 Update

    Hey guys, after a long time I finally updated it.
    Some things are broken like the WorldEdit-Rewards or the message when opening them.
    But the main things work.

    I will keep updating the project and now the main goal is to fix the issues.
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  3. Update to 1.10.2

    Updated to Spigot-API 1.10.2, updated Soft-dependencies Vault and WorldEdit
  4. Updated libraries

    Fix WorldEdit region restoring
  5. Just updated something

    Should work now fully with Java 8 and WorldEdit 6
  6. Bug fixes over bug fixes :D

    Changing messages should work now
  7. Fixed some bugs

    Only a bug-fix update, nothing new
  8. Update to 1.8

    Update to 1.8

    Use only with 1.8 and tell me, if there are bugs
    - Updated Libraries also, if you use WorldEdit 5.x.x and there are errors, than tell it me please^^
  9. 8.4.5

    Nothing new, just changed the version string
  10. Forgot the WorldEdit Support

    Old version has no worldedit support, fixed^^