TreasureChest [Survival Edition] 1.0

Survival Chest with keys

  1. edoboss99

    Woh ! Survival TreasureChest for Factions/Vanilla/Skyblock servers !

    You can open the treasure chest only with the keys !


    + Holograms
    + Particles
    + Fireworks
    + Commands and keys system !
    + More than 30 rewards !
    + Messages system


    + /chest info To see all the info
    + /chest help To see all the commands
    + /chest key To take a key
    + /chest give [<player>] To give to another player the key


    + chest.key [command /chest key]
    + chest.give [command /chest give [<player>]]
    + [To open the treasure chest with the key]


    [*] SkQuery
    [*] Skript
    [*] WildSkript
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