TreasureChestX 1.0.0

Make customizable treasure chests for players to find whilst exploring!

  1. HenrikoMagnifico
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    Mtihc, Wolfezz
    An updated fork of a plugin for Minecraft that let's you make customizable treasure chests for players to find whilst exploring!

    This plugin is directly based on the TreasureChest-Reloaded plugin by Wolfezz, which in turn was an updated version of the original TreasureChest plugin by Mtihc. This version is merely an updated and slightly modified version to support 1.18 and beyond!

    Dependencies: Vault, WorldEdit
    Incompatibilities: FAWE (FastAsyncWorldEdit)*

    This video guide was created years ago for the original plugin, but since the commands are still the same it still just as effective at explaining how to use it:

    • Normal Treasure: You see the items when you open it for the first time only.
    • Unlimited Treasure: You see the items when you open it every time.
      (Dispensers/Droppers can dispense/drop infinitely)
    • Random Treasure: You see a random selection of the items. Can also be unlimited!
    • Shared Treasure: Instead of having a personal inventory for every player, all players share the same treasure inventory. If one player loots it, it's already looted for everyone else opening it afterwards.
    • Forget-Time: You can access a treasure again... after the forget-time has passed.
    • Custom messages: (found first time, found again, is unlimited)
    • Treasures can also be used to grant player ranks.
    • Create Treasure Groups to perform operations on a bunch of treasures at once!
    • Add special rewards:
      • Money using Vault.
      • Experience, Health, Hunger, Air
      • Potion effects
      • Fly for some time
      • Spawn entities in a region! This can be mobs, bottles o' enchanting or anything you like!
      • Teleport to a region
      • Create explosion at some location
      • Place redstone torch at some location
      • Execute a command... normally, or let console execute it, or make player OP for a sec
      • Broadcast a list of messages
      • Bankrobber, cannot be looted, until looter is killed
      • Scoreboard scores etc...

    Quick Setup:
    The main command is /treasurechest, or /tchest for short.

    To get command help, execute

    To get further explanation about a specific command, use a question mark at the end, for example;
    /tchest setmessage ?

    To create a normal treasure chest, place a chest, fill it with the loot you want and type /tchest set whilst looking at it.
    That's it!

    Base permissions:

    • The permission treasurechest.admin grants all permissions. OPs have this permission automatically.
    • The permission treasurechest.player grants all permissions that a player would normally get, these are;
      • treasurechest.access
      • treasurechest.count
      • treasurechest.count.others
      • treasurechest.list
    • You can't access Treasure Chests that are protected by other plugins, such as WorldGuard, unless you use the ignore-protection command: /tchest ip.
    • You can't break, burn or blow up Treasure Chests, unless you use the /tchest delete command to remove it first.
    Fake Inventories

    • Players always see a personal "fake inventory" to prevent others from stealing.
      This "fake inventory" is temporary. So don't expect something like a private chest.
    • Players also see a "fake inventory" with shared treasures. But it's not personal. First come, first serve!

    • Use the peek command to open the real inventory.

    • Use lower-case letters, in the configuration and permissions.

    Permission nodes:
    treasurechest.access - Allows you to access any type of treasure chest
    treasurechest.access.treasure - Allows opening treasure chests
    treasurechest.access.unlimited - Allows opening unlimited chests
    treasurechest.count - Allows you to count how many chests you have found
    treasurechest.count.others - Allows you to count how many chests you or someone else has found
    treasurechest.delete - Allows you to delete treasure chests and turn them into regular chests again.
    treasurechest.forget - Allows you to make a chest forget that you have found it
    treasurechest.forget.others - Allows you to make a chest forget that you or someone else has found it
    treasurechest.forget.all - Allows you to make a chest forget that anybody has found it
    treasurechest.ignoreprotection - Allows you to disable/enable 3rd party protection plugins on treasure chests
    treasurechest.list - Allows you to see a list of locations of all the treasures you found
    treasurechest.list.all - Allows you to see a list of locations of all the treasures on the server
    treasurechest.random - Allows you to turn treasure chests into random chests.
    treasurechest.reload - Allows access to the reload command
    treasurechest.set - Allows you to turn regular chests into treasure chests and set their messages. And forget time, etc.
    treasurechest.unlimited - Allows you to turn treasure chests into unlimited chests.
    treasurechest.rank.X - Allows you access certain chests.
    Replace X with a configured rank name.
    treasurechest.peek - Allows you to look at a treasure's real inventory.

Recent Reviews

  1. SomeRandomProp
    Version: 1.0.0
    It's great as it is, but messages still could be improved upon.
    It lacks:
    -possibility to set global message about someone finding certain treasure
    -ability to set cooldown message like ,,woah... slow down" or ,,you cannot reedem it yet". Now if we click on it nothing happens.
    -information about how much of a cooldown left
    -or being able to use color codes/hex color codes in messages.
    now all messages are in &6. It would be great if we were able to use other & or rgb values like &#444444
  2. FCRev
    Version: 1.0.0
    I've been scouring the internet for a plugin like this for the last 3 months and am SO glad you've decided to revive this one. Any chance we could see a feature that sets up all chests within a world? I'd like to generate a world full of dungeons and not have to setup each one individually.

    Fantastic work!!
    1. HenrikoMagnifico
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your kind words and 5 star review! I'll see what I can do for future feature additions :D