TreasureHunt 1.5.8-R

Add some treasure's on your server!

  1. A lot of suggestions and some bugfixing

    What's new?
    1. Added alternative way to spawn chests
    2. Added ability to include chance of execution command after opening of chest
    3. Added ablility to exclude some blocks from spawning chests on them
    4. Added random slot filling in chests
    4. Added more TownyAPI integration to avoid spawning nation zones
    4. Fixed bug with &l color code
    5. Fixed bug with absent validation of worlds

    How to use new features?
    1. Due to too big randomized spawn of chests i added alternative way to spawn them. Just look and main config, there is a new section:
    It works defining random time to spawn random chest in interval of Max and Min seconds (specified on screenshot). To enable alternative spawn just fill section Enabled with true value.

    2. For the suggestion i added chance of execution of command. Just add section like on screenshot in any chest config:
    It measured on percents from 0 to 100.

    3. For another suggestion i added ability to exclude blocks from spawning on them chests:
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