TreasureHunt 1.3.6

Add some treasure's on your server!

  1. Per day statistics

    Update bring up per day statistics about spawining of every chest, total claimed chests and total not claimed chests. All statistics files stored in Statistics directory of plugin.
  2. Returning of MinPlayers and some refactoring...

    -Option MinPlayers now works
    -Some code refactoring
  3. More bugfixes

    -Increased stability of item population algorithm and fixed some bugs in it
  4. More fixed bugs

    - Fix of not correct money
  5. More validation and fixing some bugs

    - Fix of bug with 0 money
    - More validation to MaxValue and MinValue
  6. Fix of one critical bug, localization of /hunttop and /huntstat

    - Fixed one bug that may cause server crash
    - Added localization and customization for /hunttop and /huntstat. New strings in localization.yml:
    HuntTop - possible arguments - <position>(position of player in top 10), <pname>(name of player on that position), <totalAmount>, <totalValue>...
  7. Update that carry on tests and other cool enhancements

    Finally, i decided to update my plugin on spigot. So let's see what i've done to this update.

    - Plugin now grab some statistics about grabing chests by players. To see top-10 player's sorted by total amount of grabbed chests type /hunttop. To see top-10 players sorted by total value type /hunttop value. To see your own statistics type /huntstat.
    - Now...