Treasures Adventure 1.3

(vault is here)testing phase ended--treasure hunting has never been more exciting. .

  1. aboood-bah
    Not supported anymore

    "this is about the project to get more details about the game it self read "The MiniGame overview - features " sections, and take a look at the gifs and pics"

    In this plugin I am trying to create a new mini game with you guys so this project will be made by the one who to want to buy the plugin therefore I need your help to achieve a unique style of mini game.


    Before purchasing the plugin, please read the following section.

    1- Don't judge this plugin when this plugin launches it won't come with a lot of features Because you are the one who is gonna choose the features for this plugin .

    2- The first point does not mean that this plugin doesn't has any features read the "Features" section for more info.

    3-BEFORE reporting errors and issues, make sure the issue is actually caused by the plugin, because this plugin uses world-edit , and you know that as much as it's awesome it has it's flaws , so if you've got something on the plugin go speak to sk89q.

    4-You must have world edit on your server in order to use this plugin in your server.


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    1- create countless Arenas.

    2-lobby signs that will describe.

    3-strikes thunder when a player dies.

    4-It has an Arena-Menu that will offer some useful options.

    5-you will be control the percentage of real explosions once version 1.0 is out.

    6-the game will be sooooo difficult but you will be able to control how difficult it is again once version 1.0 is out.

    7-the game has a sign that will display certain options.

    8-It has an In-Game tutorial that will explain every thing to the players .

    9-It has a special tutorial that will tell you how to create an Arena.

    8-Leader-board is under development so stay tuned.

    9-every player can ask once to give him a special addition if you want and you can ask as many times to modify waht's already inside the program.

    10- And the best feature of all that any ""logical"" suggestion will be taken into consideration. (The best Time to suggest is before the release of version x.0).


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    1- /tc addchest <Arena-name-here> you can use (ac) instead of addchest. it will add a normal chest.(you must be looking at a chest to perform this command)

    2- /tc addtchest <Arena-name-here> you can use (atc) instead of addtchest. it will add a chest that has gems inside of it.(you must be looking at a chest to perform this command)

    3- /tc addlobbysign <Arena-name-here> you can use (addsign or als) instead of addlobbysign. it will add a sign that will let players join a specific Arena.(you must be looking at a chest to perform this command)

    4- /tc addspawn <Arena-name-here> you can use ( as) instead of addspawn. it's where the players will start the game.

    5- /tc addspawn2 <Arena-name-here> you can use (as2) instead of addspawn2. it will a re-spawning point.

    6-/tc berserk I think this command speaks for its self.

    7-/tc buildkit This one will give you some useful items to decorate your Arena.

    8-/tc ci this will clear you inventory.(I just added it who knows it might get in handy at some point )

    9-/tc createarena <Arena-name-here> you can use (ca) instead of createarena . this will be the command that will create your arena but you have to use the commands //pos1 //pos2 those are from world edit.

    10-/tc createsphere<Arena-name-here> not functional at the moment for now use world edit.

    11-/tc start <Arena-name-here> it will use force touch to start an arena.

    12-/tc removearena <Arena-name-here> it will delete the specified Arena.

    13-/tc tutorial depending on state the plugin will give you the suitable messages

    14-/tc join <Arena-name-here> but I don't think anyone is gonna use this cuz there is lobby sign after all.

    15-/tc leave but I don't think anyone is gonna use this cuz there is the Arena menu after all.

    16-/tc get not functional at the moment.


    these photos are old"""""
    more pics will be added later>>
    the new scoreboard:::>>>
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    View attachment 71893 View attachment 74977 View attachment 71894 ===============:===============:===============:===============

    --pay full attention to the "Tos" --

    Tos :

    1-You cannot post a review before asking for help in the discussion section .

    2-It is forbidden to redistribute this plugin .

    3- I'm not obligated to do updates at a specific time , But make sure that i will not abandon the plugin .

Recent Reviews

    Version: 1.3
    MySQL Database , BungeeCord Support, Vault Support, Reward System, Achievements System, Top 3 Players Sign, Flying Chests ^^, Some Chest Explodes, Some Chest Dissapear and you become nothing, You find a Chest and become Items, Some Chests spawns Zombies,Creepers, and other Mobs, Some Chests teleport you back to the spawn and yes idk more sorry ^^
  2. TBS
    Version: 1.3
    Personally, I loved the tutorial bit for the plugin. I suggest a reward system, such as NPC shops and randomly spawning bosses in certain locations. I do hope this plugin will be always continued. :)
  3. wexxew
    Version: 1.0.0
    Just what was needed most you did the right thing ... beacause without vault support this plugin has no future so I guess what I think u should do now is add more classes(kits) and YOU HAVE TO ADD MORE THINGS TO THE ARENA SHOP or just make it configurable which is even better... good luck
  4. wexxew
    Version: 1.0.0
    Really good update ...I'm impressed but I think the shop needs a new design and one more thing about the money and the pricing I think u should change that too.
    But other than that very good
  5. wexxew
    Version: 0.9.2
    It's pretty good but I hope that you will not abandon your project in the future like many developers do.
  6. Bolean
    Version: 0.9.2
    awesome but add more features .
    1. aboood-bah
      Author's Response
      I will try as hard as I can but u know I'm just a student so I'm sorry if I don't upload updates on a basis
  7. TheGamingCazz
    Version: 2015-10-06
    Love the plugin so far hope you'll add more and continue working on this and I'd be happy to do a video for you of this plugin just hit me up.
    1. aboood-bah
      Author's Response
      thanks but I said that no one should review this plugin until I finish testing it
      but I guess it's okay since your review wasn't bad>
      thanks again