TreeAssist v5.10.17

Auto Destroy, Auto Replant and more!

  1. SLiPCoR
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    itsatacoshop247, btilm305, uroskn
    The latest version should work on 1.9 (ONLY)! If you experience issues, check your /version, eventually update your server, then try again, and then create a github issue or ask here!

    >> TreeAssist for 1.8.X <<

    This plugin will replant trees when they are cut down (or burnt down), and will keep it the same tree type. It also will take down an entire tree when then bottom log is removed depending on whether it is enabled in the config.

    • Replants trees when the bottom log is cut down, or burnt down.
    • Break a birch tree? Replants a birch sapling. Same for all type of trees
    • Auto Tree Destruction when bottom block is broken
    • Faster Leaf Decay Option
    • Should be self explanatory. Use notepad++ if you have issues reading .yml format configs.
    • The list of tools types can have anything added to it. Use 'AIR' to include fists.
    • If you want to use tekkit or other external mods that add tools, use the Item ID or the addcustom / removecustom command
    • /treeassist toggle - lets a player turn TreeAssist auto destruction on or off.
    • /treeassist global - Turns the plugin on or off all together
    • /treeassist reload - Reload the plugin's config file
    • /treeassist protecttool - Get a tool to protect individual saplings
    • /treeassist noreplace - Stop replanting for a set period of time
    • /treeassist purge [worldname|global] - purge the data.yml of unneeded entries

    • /treeassist addtool - add what you hold in your hand to the required tools list
    • /treeassist removetool - remove what you hold in your hand from the required tools list
    • /treeassist addcustom - add your first 3 slots in your hotbar as custom definition of 1) sapling 2) log block 3) leafblock
    • /treeassist removecustom - remove an existing group of the above mentioned layout, based on your 3 first hotbar slots

    • /treeassist forcebreak {number} - force break trees {number} blocks around you
    • /treeassist forcegrow {number} - force grow saplings {number} blocks around you
    Source Code: GitHub

    Donations are greatly appreciated <3

Recent Reviews

  1. EpicDinosaurz
    Version: v5.10.17
    When players sneak (shift) while chopping trees, the saplings don't replant. I need them to replant anytime a tree is chopped.
    1. SLiPCoR
      Author's Response
      Well then check the config, there is a setting for that. By default, sneaking disables this functionality
  2. GeorgeZ
    Version: v5.10.17
    Does exactly what it says, I really like how your axe will take the durability hit for each block, keeping it balanced. It works well and the auto plant feature is very nice!
    1. SLiPCoR
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the kind words. it is good to see the little things [that have been suggested here and there ;)] to be appreciated!
  3. Jonnerstv
    Version: v5.10.17
    Some of the trees planted leaves some logs left at the top of the planted tree, or if it's a 2x2, it will leave a little less than half of the tree midair. This is for version 1.11.2 Server Spigot.
    1. SLiPCoR
      Author's Response
      please give me more information, I recorded myself running around forests spam destroying stuff and I only had one block per tree max. What kind of forest? any tree plugins or world generation plugins? which plugin version?

      Handling this in a review is really not easy :P
  4. Hawkeye111
    Version: v5.10.17
    Amazing plugin! Works excellent and does everything I want it to do. Recommended for UHCRun servers.
  5. Danht
    Version: v5.10.17
    It´s works for me for years - and now on 1.10.2. Thx for your work! Great Job! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  6. HoLiSchit
    Version: v5.10.17
    One of the most-used Plugins ever. And its free - even supporting custom trees from your Worldedit Schematics folder. Used since years - never had the smallest problem. Keep up your good work!
  7. Een_noob
    Version: v5.10.17
    Good plugin but sneaking in 1.10 is not working anymore .... please update this plugin I realy need this <3
    1. SLiPCoR
      Author's Response
      what do you mean sneaking is not working? I will test this but .. you are the first to report this sooo please make sure your configuration is set to care about sneaking (default does not care :) )
  8. Bobobaal
    Version: v5.10.17
    Very good plugin, 1 minor thing that you may want to change is that it also supports 2x2 trees made by people.
    For example someone makes a 2x2 oak tree with 4 oak saplings. The tree doesn't get removed by treeassist
    1. SLiPCoR
      Author's Response
      I tested this though, and it SHOULD work. Are you sure that people did not place logs near the tree maybe? Try again in a plain where noone has built :)
  9. Jordy1265
    Version: v5.10.17
    Doesnt work ;( I have downloaded the 1.8X version but it doesnt work:" Auto replant " I hate it ;(....
    1. SLiPCoR
      Author's Response
      I am pretty sure you downloaded the v5.10 version that only will work on Spigot 1.9 and up :( This is operational for months, on hundreds of servers.
  10. MadeBySaints
    Version: v5.10.17
    I've been using this for years (previous versions) and its a staple on any server i create! Thanks so much for this!