TreeAssist 5.12.2

Auto Destroy, Auto Replant and more!

  1. Quick FIx

    Hey guys,

    Heres a few bug fixes, there will be fewer of these once my first week here is up :p

    • Objects under trees were occasionally being destroyed, this is resolved.
    • Configuration will no longer reset on restart.

    Sorry if this is causing anyone an inconvenience!

    All Love <3
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  2. Animated Tree Chopper

    Hey guys!

    So I added two new features I hope you love em :)

    • Code optimization.
    • Trees can now be optionally animated when chopped.
    • There is an optional sound when chopping a tree down.

    Enjoy, i'll be back with more updates asap, please message me if theres any issues at all <3
    Brianna ^-^
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  3. A New Begining

    Hey loves,

    So my names Brianna you may know me from a few of my plugins such as EpicSpawners or KitPreview. This plugin's development was halted as the developer had moved on to other things and I felt almost compelled to try and keep it alive, up to date and full of awesome features. So here I am. I had recently made a plugin called...
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  4. v5.11.50 - some bugfixes that have been on the jenkins for some time - sorryyyyyy

    v5.11.50 - DarkOak also fixed for github issue #19 now - sorryyy
    v5.11.49 - Address github issue #19 by double checking the verification for big trees
    v5.11.48 - Address github issue #18 by verifying that a tree is actually big
    v5.11.47 - Add a toggle to disable the plugin when NOT sneaking "When Not Sneaking" - makes sense, right?
  5. TreeAssist v5.11.46 (hotfix)

    v5.11.46 - Fix big spruce trees not being recognized properly
    v5.11.45 - Do not try to place saplings on invalid ground
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  6. TreeAssist v5.11.44

    v5.11.44 - Try fixing an API change in mcMMO
    v5.11.43 - This is why I normally do not work without an IDE - maybe finally fix build?
    v5.11.42 - GitHub desktop is not searchable. Good to know. PSPad to the rescue! Fix breaking build
    v5.11.41 - remove unused debuggers
    v5.11.39 - several improvements, in the leaf decay enhancement and the block list
    v5.11.38 - catch another NPE in DarkOak implementation
    v5.11.37 - catch NPE in DarkOak Tree implementation, skip air blocks when removing later...
  7. TreeAssist v5.10.36

    This is a big overhaul and a huge improvement, CPU wise. Depending on the tree type you fell, improvements vary from 50% to 95%

    v5.10.36 - make natural blocks readable; destroy blocks before leaves (looks faster ;) ); support SAND as ground; split shroom determination and optimize individually;
    v5.10.35 - optimize dark oak tree determination - cut down the fat down to FIVE percent of the former checks
    v5.10.34 - optimize big jungle tree determination - take the block checks down to 20% from...
  8. TreeAssist v5.10.17

    v5.10.17 - push this version to jenkins, fix an issue about disappearing items in 1.10, backwards compatible to 1.9!
    v5.10.4 - add more keywords to start and stop debugging
    v5.10.3 - add cooldown override for forcebreak
    v5.10.2 - add forcebreak, forcegrow, including permissions and messages
  9. TreeAssist v5.10.1

    This fixes some issues with mcMMO compatibility.

    - 1.9 only !!! -
  10. 1.9 UPDATE - will NOT work on 1.8 !!!

    v5.9.12 - update to Bukkit 1.9
    v5.9.11 - add commands "addcustom" and "removecustom" - setting the first three items to custom block group (SAPLING, LOG, LEAF)