TreeAssist 4.3.2

A tree felling plugin that is designed to clear out trees with a single tool.

  1. AustinFRG
    Version: 4.3.2
    Gustav doesn't understand how this plugin works, but I love this plugin. xD They shouldn't rate it 2 stars because it does what it's supposed to do.
  2. PieCreeper12
    Version: 4.3.2
    This is a cool plugin that saves a lot of time and also brings realism to trees. However, there are several issues and bugs with this plugin such as chopping down trees removing the item in the players' hand when it is not an axe. It also causes a bit of lag for players with slower computers. Otherwise, great plugin.
  3. Gustav
    Version: 4.3.2
    no plugin reload command ?
    tree only falls If bottom block is destroyed :(