TreeAssist v6.0.77

Auto Destroy, Auto Replant and more!

  1. hotfix for the Jobs update - sorry folks ^^

    v6.0.77 - make sure config values for mcMMO and Jobs are read - only try to load mcMMO and Jobs if required and requested
  2. v6.0.76 - add Jobs (reborn) support

    Thanks to Rooz for the suggestion and verifying that it works as intended :)
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  3. Add a little setting to add blocks visually falling when the tree is being broken

    • v6.0.75 - remove debug outputs that we do not need
    • v6.0.74 - remove "wood_axe" and "gold_axe" remnants
    • v6.0.73 - make trees literally fall down - off by default for testing, happy falling!
    Use "Main.Use Falling Blocks" to enable the new feature!
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  4. Use 1.13 material names in the config (with automatic fixer for established configs)

    v6.0.72 - change default tools to 1.13 material names (woodEN and goldEN axe) - add converter for these nodes. Please check your lists for outdated names :)

    Thanks to mineyfray for the heads up :)
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  5. Configuration enhancements, BlockList lookup time

    • v6.0.71 - disable check by setting lookup time to <= 0. Even if the result is the same this actually skips database lookups!
    • v6.0.70 - Expand lookup time to all Block Lists
    • v6.0.69 - Implement lookup time for Core Protect
    • v6.0.68 - "Block Statistics" config nodes for Pickup and Block Mine statistics, defaulting to false!
    • v6.0.67 - more sapling block fixes - in some cases the bottom block would stay
    First off, we did some stability fixes to the sapling block...
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  6. Update bottom detection logic, especially for acacia and for the "Destroy Only Blocks Above" logic

    • v6.0.66 - actually use the sapling blocks we calculated
    • v6.0.65 - fix acacia bottom determination
    • v6.0.64 - implement implementation method to check for log types and use where appropriate
    • v6.0.63 - rewrite the bottom block logic by introducing a sapling block logic - this will help with "Destroy Only Blocks Above" finally doing what it should
    Today I did a bit of a rewrite in the method to determine the bottom block of a tree. Before, this was also hooked to the...
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  7. mcMMO update to 2.1.X

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  8. bStats and command autocomplete

    v6.0.61 - Add bStats and a working command autocomplete system

    I am dipping into metrics again, replacing the discontinued mcstats in favor of bStats.

    Also, the initial reason I started today was the auto complete feature. It really irked me that it returned players for each argument, now it returns players where appropriate (almost never) and offers helpful...
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  9. Custom Tree Definitions and more!

    Testing this on 1.14 revealed some issues in the 1.13 support I claimed. Now everything should be fine! Also, I rewrote the custom tree definition system to be more stable and more sane. Instead of 3 separate lists that allowed for IDs, required data and more, we now just use the strings that are supported by the 1.13 API, also we group the definitions together in nested lists. An example will be added in the form of a birch tree.

    • v6.0.60 - Custom tree definitions now are in a...
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  10. 1.13 and 1.14 update - thanks to pop4959!!

    This version will run on 1.13 servers and should work just fine on 1.14 when it is stable.
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