TreeAssist v7.0.109

Auto Destroy, Auto Replant and more!

  1. Followup to the Nether update, fix some materials and the tree determination

    • v7.0.109 - update the default ymls
    • v7.0.108 - add a warning when an invalid material has been entered; fix 2 entries in the natural block list
    • v7.0.107 - add more tools to the cooldown calculation; abort tree determination if an invalid block has been found
    • v7.0.106 - add netherite axe to tool list and drop factors, addresses issue #50
    • v7.0.105 - fix a nether related possible infinite loop
    Nether Update Part X

    Netherite items will be...
  2. Ban Hoes --- not really, but sort of

    • v7.0.104 - revert changes made while testing
    • v7.0.103 - undo changes to tool "hoe" for nether, as this does not apply at all. Logs still are axeable and the rest is, too.
    I was under the impression, because not reading properly, that you HAD to use hoes on the new nether trees... Logs still have AXE as best tool, and the rest of the blocks also work well with just an axe... so we remove the hoe settings in the nether.yml (defaulting to regular tree settings then) ---...
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  3. Stack logs properly when giving them to players

    • v7.0.102 - Give people stackable logs, and double check physics when breaking blocks
    • v7.0.101 - remove log spam about thickness
  4. 1.16.1 UPDATE :)

    This has been tested in the new nether, I am pretty happy with it.

    Feel free to report bugs happening. Please do not report bugs with TreeAssist lower than version 100. Nether trees were NOT implemented until just now, as I could not test how they work at ALL.

    Now I could and I fixed some things. Existing configs will be fixed to reflect proper nether values!

    Please note that for nether, the proper tool is the HOE ... ;)
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  5. improve FallingBlocks, Leaf Decay, Sapling Auto-Plant

    • v7.0.99 - sync jenkins and github - sorry for any confusion
    • v7.0.98 - only auto-plant saplings when this is set in the config!
    • v7.0.97 - delay fast leaf decay if delay is set
    • v7.0.96 - convince FallingBlocks to not drop themselves after falling

    1) FallingBlocks used to spawn leaf items which should only happen when the player uses Silk Touch
    2) Fast Leaf Decay is now hooked into the auto destruction delay, so if you want destruction tick delay, this also now is...
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  6. Major Update! v7.0.95 - huge config rewrite, please backup your plugin folder before update!


    Notable changes:
    • Complete rewrite of tree determination and tree definition.
    • Outsourcing of over 30 config.yml nodes to the new trees/default.yml node.
    • The folder `trees` contains all tree definitions. The examples should help...
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  7. address a NPE because of the new support of not 4-trunk spruce

    v6.0.91 - address a NPE because of the new support of not 4-trunk spruce
  8. Support using mcMMO and Jobs at the same time - mcMMO used to override Jobs - sorry!

    • v6.0.89 - who merged the classic branch? not me. time to burn it!
    • v6.0.88 - allow both mcMMO and Jobs to be used at the same time - addresses #43
    • v6.0.87 - expand mcMMO and Jobs EXP gain logic, several cases were uncovered! Also remove safeguard for spruce detection, this addresses issues #43 and #44
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  9. safeguard against mcMMO-classic taking over the log files ;)

    • v6.0.86 - check that mcMMO is generally enabled before looking for its classes!
    • v6.0.85 - remove mcMMO-classic support attempt from POM
    • v6.0.84 - check for mcMMO-classic and display warning
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  10. optimisations in the biome finder and flatfile region save queue

    • v6.0.83 - significantly improve the biome finder, disable user placed blocks for CoreProtect as it always returns trees grown as placed blocks
    • v6.0.82 - clear the region save queue after writing - much less writing, a bit more reading
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